Zoho Analytics What are its Features and Benefits to Business ?

Data management and reporting are two of the most important and essential tasks for any organization. At the same time, data handling and management play a vital role in the generation of reports and the analysis of various sales and marketing campaigns. Zoho Analytics also known as Zoho Reports, is the best analytics tool you have to transform your data into actionable reports and dashboards. It allows users to create dashboards and visualizations which present data in an easy and self-service model. In this article, we will help you understand what is Zoho Analytics, its features and benefits to business, and how GooHepto as a Zoho Analytics partner helps businesses with Zoho Analytics integration services.

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a data analytics software that enables businesses to visually analyze their data, create unparalleled data visualizations, and discover hidden insights. It brings analysis and insight to the business data and eliminates the need for any IT assistance or data analysts. The business owners can collaborate with Zoho partners to crunch huge datasets, perform various analytical tasks, blend that data, and visualize the results in graphical formats to uncover insights. It also allows businesses to make data-informed decisions and comes with flexible on-premise or cloud-deployment models.

The key features of Zoho Analytics :

1.Connect To Any Data Source
2.Builts Insightful Reports and Dashboards
3.Enable Performing Deep Analysis
4.Ease of Reporting and Collaboration
5.Embedded BI Solution for Software Vendors

Benefits of Zoho Analytics :

1.Can be easily Embedded
2.Scalable Architecture
3. Efficient Collaboration
4.Data Visualization
5.Centralized Data Collection

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