YouTube Comments not loading: What to do? How to fix the problem?

Youtube comments not loading

YouTube is a bizarre yet most interesting place on the web where you spend hours. From amazing factual videos to searching for silly and mysterious stuff on your mind, youtube is a perfect platform. And if you are bored, every now and then, you can enjoy reading people’s opinions on the videos you are watching. All you need is to scroll down. Thanks to youtube’s upgraded user interface, you can even like and reply to the comments too! However, all this goes away if youtube comments not loading on your PC or YouTube App on Mobile. At that moment, you may immediately think that your internet may not be working. But, there are multiple reasons for youtube comments not loading on your device. 


We brought you a concise reading on how to solve youtube comments not loading errors on your device? Let’s kickstart:


How to solve the “youtube comments not loading” problem on the App/Web browser? 


There can be thousands of comments in the comment section when it comes to youtube videos. It definitely takes time for the application or web browser to load them all. However, if no comments are showing in a youtube video you are watching, you can try the following quick fixes: 


#Solution 1: YouTube comments not loading? Try refreshing the page.


This is an easy one, and you can do it in a single second. Whenever you keep a youtube page open for more than 15 minutes, even if the video has ended, youtube comments may disappear. Thus, a simple way is to refresh the youtube browsing page by clicking on the “reload this page” icon that appears on the right-front of the URL. If you cannot place the icon, you can simply select the URL and press the enter button. 


#Solution 2: Change the browser


To begin with, there remains no question that youtube is open to anyone and everyone. You can watch videos without even logging in to it. Henceforth, Google Chrome’s safety and security settings automatically disable anything or any feature that may prove unsafe for your device. Therefore, in order to resolve youtube comments not loading issues, you can simply change the browser temporarily. Some effective browsers are Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firewall. 


#Solution 3: Try some other video


When it comes to youtube, users out there have complete freedom to write anything or everything. Thus, youtube takes strict action and disables or temporarily deletes comments on a video if they are extremely offensive, abusive, or in poor taste. Thus, you can try and play other videos on youtube to check whether youtube has deleted comments on the previous video for sensitive reasons. 


#Solution 4: YouTube comments not loading? Sort them by your preference


More often than not, the youtube user interface does not show a user’s comments on the video because the user hasn’t picked a comment preference. Therefore, we suggest that you sort your comment choice. How? Here’s a reference guide: 


  • Go to the youtube video. 
  • Scroll down to the comment section.
  • Do you see an option called “Sort by?” click on the same.
  • Now, select between “top comments or newest first.”
  • Once you select an option, youtube comments reload based on your preference. 


Solved the issue? For more information and quick tips on youtube glitches, keep us in your favorites! Thank you.

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