WOW-SOUND Floating Speaker

WOW-SOUND Floating Speaker
WOW-SOUND Floating Speaker…$199.00 on Amazon.

The WOW-SOUND speaker is floatable, waterproof, and shaped to fit in a cup holder. This speaker has omnidirectional hi-fi sound and it also has 50 plus hours of battery life. The WOW-SOUND speaker is also as durable as it is rugged. It has an IP67 rating that proofs it against water, shocks, and dust.

The WOW-SOUND speaker also comes with serious 360-degree LED lighting so the party can go all night. This floatable speaker has a flat bottom so it can stand upright on a flat surface. It’s the perfect size for a standard cup holder so it can chill in a cooler, boat, or inflatable.

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