Why I Must Have Sex with You Checklist

The Why I Must Have Sex with You Checklist Note Pad is a clear choice for gifts for women blog. It’s so clearly not something men would need or want around. I’m also pretty sure it’s going to offend someone with the political correctness of today.  However, I find it funny so I had to add it to the SPN shop. 

This notepad looks like any other from a distance, but it probably won’t make the office goodies gift guide. The requests and reasons for why the deed should happen aren’t too dirty. However, this notepad could cause serious issues if given to the wrong person.

If you’re going to give this gift then you probably want to make sure the recipient will like it. It’s a great gift for the wives, anniversaries, girlfriends, and about 90% of the men in the world.

Knock Knock Why I Must Have Sex with You Checklist Note Pad, 6 x 9-inches… $8.99 on Amazon.

Some choice entries on the checklist include:

  • It’s raining
  • There’s nothing on TV
  • Because I did the dishes.
  • I’m tired of swiping left.
  • Because we both love cheese.
  • It would upset my mother.
  • Sin is in

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