Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs

Are you looking for really great¬†anniversary gifts for your grandparents? Well, if they have a sense of humor as off as yours appears to be they’ll love “Why Grandparents¬†Should Wear Thongs.”

Novelty Book: Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs
This lady understands “Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs.” Buy It On Amazon!
  • THIS IS JUST A NOTEBOOK WITH FUNNY COVER – THE COVER IS A JOKE! The pages are blank, so don’t expect us to justify your grandparents wearing thongs.
  • This JOKE notebook is not to be bought for any other reason than entertaining men, women, and people in the home and office or man cave.
  • If you’re thinking about submitting content to SPN, then you can practice your writing in this notebook.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES – This book comes with 200 white pages without lines. Hardcover glossy paper, so it’s totally blank except for the cover where the joke takes place.
  • Get this gag gift today. Buy it on Amazon.
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