What’s the difference between Firebase and MongoDB? Which of the two is the better option?

What is FireBase?
The firebase is a background-connected real-time engine. It’s a complete online and mobile app development environment. Firebase is now being acquired by Google.
Google Firebase databases, in comparison to MongoDB, offer a more comprehensive solution. It provides a wide range of services such as hosting, storage, cloud computing, machine learning, and more.
This can be thought of as a backend as a service by non-technical readers. It’s a service that gives you access to a live database and backend. When you want your data to be synchronised across all of your app users, a real-time database is appropriate.
With the cloud firestore, you can store your data in the cloud. Using this strategy, your app data can be synced across all of your users’ services or shared with many users. This one comes with a large client library and full offline support.
It also comes with a complete set of security rules and simple data browsing tools.
It operates by automatically retrieving updates from your database as they happen, hence the term “absolute real-time” functionality. All of the other outer-firebase products are fully linked with the cloudfirebase services.
Applications that require real-time data fetching include chatting apps, stock trading apps, multiplayer apps, and sports score updating apps.
Where to use Firebase?
When you need to create an app quickly, Firebase is the way to go. If your app requires real-time data, it can be used. This enables you to prepare for your application’s easy and frequent scaling. Instant messaging, social networking apps, and online gaming are all possible with it. It enables real-time synchronisation between the browser and devices.
Some popular firms that use Firebase-
Twitch, Instacart, PayPal, Alibaba, Travels, LaunchDarkly, etc.
What is MongoDB?
Mongo 123 Dub is an open-source NoSQL database that provides the flexibility and scalability required for queries and indexing.
MongoDB was built with scalability and stability in mind. It does not offer the same level of ecosystem as Firebase.
It is mostly used for data storage and is popular due to the various app categories it may support.
In this environment, developers have a lot more influence over how apps are built. It’s because they’re no longer need to tailor their application to the database’s specifications. MongoDB allows the app to store data in a more natural way.
Where to use MongoDB?
• Configuration management in its entirety
• This can be utilised in situations where maintaining the location is critical.
• It can also be used in larger data enterprise management.
• MongoDB can be used to meet changing data needs.
• High-speed logging and real-time analytics
• Higher scalability and better catching
Some popular firms that use MongoDB
Lyft, Uber, Delivery hero, stack, Accenture, Delivery hero, etc.
Each technology has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Firebase is designed for real-time updates and data management, but MongoDB is the best choice for large businesses that need to process vast amounts of data quickly.
The final decision, though, is yours to make. You can weigh all of the benefits and select the best option from these two databases.
Make sure you have highly qualified developers who can set up the database structure on the back end, regardless of which database you use.
Contact us if you’re still not sure which database is appropriate for your app development project. Simply shoot us an email at stellardigital.in. Also, take a look at our mobile app development services.

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