What to Look For in an Eyelash Extension Kit

An eyelash extension kit contains everything a professional eyelash artist needs to perform the procedure. Eyelash extension kits from Outlash Extensions Pro include all the tools and products a lash artist needs to create a professional-looking application. These kits are an affordable way to get all the supplies you need in one package. Plus, you can save money by buying them in bulk.

A good eyelash extension kit should include a primer for eyelid preparation. This product is an essential part of the procedure and should be in any kit. However, if your client’s skin is extremely dry, it’s best to skip the primer and choose a different product. This way, your client’s eyelids will be properly prepared for the procedure.

Besides the eyelash adhesive, an eyelash extension kit also contains various tools needed to perform the procedure. These tools include tweezers, a kit for applying lashes, and a primer and cream for removing the adhesive. An eyelash extension kit can also come with various brushes and pads, and a pair of eyelash trays.

Eyelash extensions supplies can last for up to 6 weeks. However, they will gradually fall out along with your natural lashes over time. Normally, they fall out about four to six weeks after the initial appointment. If you want to extend the life of your extensions, you can have regular “fills” every few weeks to keep them looking beautiful for a long time. When applied properly, eyelash extensions are painless.

If you’re an experienced lash artist and want to try your hand at lasing eyelashes, an eyelash extension kit can be a great investment. They’re affordable compared to buying individual products and can ensure quality work. In addition, they’re great for beginners as well as advanced lash artists.

You’ll also need to remember that water pressure can loosen your extensions. Be sure to keep them dry for at least 48 hours after they’re applied. Also, it’s important to keep them out of water and avoid sleeping in a way that presses on the eyes. While these tips may seem basic, they can increase your chances of a successful wearing.

While eyelash extension kits can save you time, they’re also dangerous if not done correctly. If you don’t have professional training, you’re likely to damage your natural lashes by using the wrong glue or application technique. Using the wrong clear lash glue or incorrect techniques can lead to infections, lash breakage, and pain.

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