What Is the Point of Using Instagram Hashtags in Comments?

Hashtags are the excellent key to gaining exposure and traffic on Instagram. Here, the question arises: how should one be using Instagram hashtags? So, we will identify different strategies for this.

  1. Using Instagram hashtags in the captions of the images you post
  2. Using hashtags in the captions and in the first comment of your posts
  3. Using hashtags only in the initial comments on your images

Moreover, you also have to decide how many hashtags you want to use in each comment or caption of the images. So, this article will also discuss this for each of the scenarios mentioned above. However, before we can begin further, you always need to understand and keep in mind that there is always a limit to the number of hashtags you can add to your posts.

Make sure; here FB Likes we refer to “post,” not “caption” or comments.” The reason is Instagram limits are always there that we have to follow, whether it is a post or anything else. However, a post can have a maximum of 30 hashtags posted by you. On the other hand, if you add 30 in the caption with your post and try to post a comment with a hashtag, it won’t work. So, if you post 15 hashtags in the caption and 15 in the comments, then it will work.

Posting hashtags in your image captions:

The first case is generally the most common one as most people apply and try this. You create a new picture post and post hashtags in the picture’s captions. This is one of the very basic modes of operation where your hashtags are directly connected with the images, and you can perfectly integrate them into your caption itself. For instance, if you are cooking a delicious meal with some side medium-rare steak or salad, you can write the caption this way “Absolutely in love with this perfect great #healthy salad or a #rare #steak on the side.” This is how your hashtags work directly as the caption of the posts you make.

On the other hand, some people prefer to keep all the hashtags segregated from their post captions. For instance, you may write your caption that looks this way:

Loving this perfectly great healthy salad and a rare steak on the side!

#healthy #food #steak #salad

This allows the posts to have a better clean looking caption. Moreover, the dots you are because Instagram does not allow carriage return – allowing you to push the hashtags down under the fold, so they do not appear you choose to expand the caption and see them.

This strategy benefits you by keeping your comments completely 100% user-generated, also your own engagements with such comments. However, it is a great option with either formatting mode. The working of each of them thoroughly depends upon how well you have selected your hashtags to target.

One of the benefits of this strategy is that your hashtags get immediately attached to your pictures without any delay. This actually does not matter for the most part. However, if you post very rarely, if your comments do not post properly, or whether you are posting to some very famous hashtags – you will notice something very peculiar.

Posting hashtags in your captions and comments:

This is another option in which you can split your hashtags between your first comment and captions. This strategy is usually used when you want to use a lot of hashtags with your posts, while it is also more of a method from when Instagram did not cap your Instagram comments and captions together.

Before these changes were introduced, Instagram used to allow you to include a maximum of 30 hashtags in the caption of your posts and then 30 in your comments. However, a common technique, then to come up with adding 60 hashtags to your images. You will then post your pictures with 30 hashtags in the captions and the remaining 30 hashtags in the comments.

However, this was a spammy technique added by Instagram, and then decided to do something about it to control it. This is the reason you can now only add 30 tags in total across your comments and captions. So, what is the point of splitting your hashtags now? Some people are also there who want to add their primary and core tags in their captions and the remaining additional tags in their comments.

Posting hashtags in your first comment only:

This is the third option where you create all your hashtags and then relegate them to your first comment. This allows you to maximize the cleanliness of your picture caption while keeping all the values of hashtags attached to your posts.

If you want to get the most value out of this strategy, you always need to post the comments immediately after posting the images. However, if you delay, you will lose value because your pictures are continuously lacking in timelessness the longer they take to post the comments.

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