What is the Difference Between Cotton Blends, 50/50 Cotton, and 100% Cotton

You love cotton Kurtis and sarees and in the process of starting your own home-based retail shop. But you are confused about how to choose a saree or Kurti catalog because you don’t understand the product description. Unless you are a kurti manufacturer in Jaipur, a wholesale sarees supplier, or a textile trader, you wouldn’t probably know the difference between Cotton Blends, 50/50 Cotton, and 100% Cotton. Here’s what you need to know.

What is 100% Cotton Kurti?

A cotton Kurti or saree that is 100% cotton is made from pure cotton, naturally grown in various parts of India. The material is generally soft and comfortable to wear. It requires a lot of effort and water to grow cotton crops. Therefore, pure cotton is generally expensive, durable, and heavier than blends and 50/50. They preserve color better than other fabrics, making them perfect for dyeing, bandhani, and embroidery, like Chikankari. 

What is Cotton Blend?

Cotton blend Kurtis, shirts, and sarees are textile products created from 80% cotton and 20% synthetic fabric like rayon, linen, polyester, etc. While there is no major change in the product quality, the Kurtis are more lightweight and wrinkle-free. You also get fabrics in tri-blend, a mixture of cotton, rayon, and polyester.  While Rayon is a very thin fabric on its own, when mixed with cotton, the end product is generally soft, comfortable, and stretchy. 

What is 50/50 Cotton Kurti?

Most of the affordable cotton Kurtis that you see in the aisles are 50/50, meaning the fabrics are made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. 50/50 cotton is much more common in the textile manufacturing industry because it is breathable, affordable, and lighter in weight. Daily wears are often fashioned using 50/50 fabrics because they are environmentally friendly,  easier to wash, quicker to dry, and less likely to shrink or wrinkle. However, in comparison, 50/50 cotton blends are not as soft as cotton and may not retain color well. 

How to Identify a 100% Cotton Fabric?

As a kurti manufacturer in Jaipur, it is essential for you to identify pure cotton fabric instantly. Burn, sniff, and study is one of the best tests to identify 100% cotton fabric. Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a small piece of the fabric you want to run a test on.
  2. Place it in a container, and burn one corner of the piece of fabric.
  3. Sniff the smoke: 100% cotton would smell like burning paper or wood and have an afterglow. Cotton blends smell like burning plastic and chemical and emit a darker smoke.
  4. Study the residual ashes: Cotton ashes look similar to soot or dust, while Cotton blends contain hard lumps. 

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