What Do Sparrows Eat- Diet Details and Some Fun Facts!

what do sparrows eat

Have you ever wondered what do sparrows eat on a daily basis? Here, we are going to share some details about the tiny bird’s diet and other details. We all see sparrows around us frequently. Several types of sparrows can be seen around us. The house sparrows are the most commonly seen sparrows as they are easily accustomed to our surroundings and can easily make their nest. Let us know more about the tiny chirpy bird!

Where Do They Live?

Sparrows can be seen in roofs and top corners of the buildings and trees around us, particularly in the house. The sparrows can make nests out of the small twigs and leaves that they find near them. Sparrows make their nests in shaded and dark places, as that helps the young chicks to grow up in a safe environment.

There are various sub-species in which the sparrows are divided. With the slight change in their feather colors, all of them are of almost the same size and shape. The segregation of sparrows is done on the basis of geographical aspects.

What Do They Eat?

Well, sparrows are generally omnivores by nature. However, the diet of the sparrows majorly consists of Seeds and small insects. They even eat soft new flower buds as well. Moreover, the different types of sparrows have a slightly different diet due to their natural availability and selection. The common diet is basically small seeds, soft grass, and small insects.

Some Fun Facts About Sparrows

Can Take a Dive!

Yes, when they are in danger or feel threatened by a predator, these tiny little sparrows can even take a dive and g for a swift swim! Not a lot of birds have the ability to swim as well.

A Sweet Bond!

As we mentioned earlier, sparrows can live easily and safely around humans. Over the years, along with crows and pigeons, the sparrows are the only species of birds that are extremely comfortable with humans around them. They are comfortable around humans to such an extent that they easily rely on artificial feeders as their primary source of food and shelter.

Life Expectancy

These small birds don’t have a long life expectancy in their natural habitat. Sparrows usually live to 5 years. However, their life expectancy extends a bit for the sparrows that live in the urban area near humans. This is because humans eat better and stay away from the numerous prey they have to face in the wild.

Not an Omnivore by Core

Initially, the sparrows were carnivores when they lived in the wild forest and jungles. Since they got close and around humans, their diet has also changed over time, and now they consume fruits, seeds, and other vegetarian items.


Now you know the basic diet of the sparrows that live around you! From insects to small flower buds, sparrows have modified their diet a lot in order to survive. Stick around for more such fun content!


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