What books best depict the culture of the United Arab Emirates? How do they do it so well?

UAE is known to have a rich culture and heritage reflecting traditional Arab and Islamic values. Environment and terrain is also a big influence on the culture and lifestyle of people in UAE.

Some of the culture and history books that are a must-read before you come to UAE are;

  • ‘The Diesel’ (1994) by Thani Al-Suwaidi
  • ‘The Nabati Poetry of the United Arab Emirates (2011) by Clive Holes and Said Salman Abu Athera
  • ‘Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success (2009) by Christopher Davidson
  • ‘The Sand Fish: A Novel From Dubai’ (2009) by Maha Gargash
  • ‘Beyond Dubai: Seeking Lost Cities in the Emirates (2014) by David Millar.

These books have captured the old and contemporary spirit of the UAE and are well-written as well.

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