What Are You Missing Due to Back Pain?

Our multifactorial approach aims to improve your quality of life!
  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase Function
  • Provide Education
  • Empower You To Feel Safe In Your Activities
  • Return To A Life That Has Meaning For You

Around 16 million adults in the United States suffer from persistent or chronic back pain.1 Are you living a limited life? Are you unable to pursue your passions, like tennis, skiing, hiking or playing with your kids or grandkids? Are daily activities challenging, like cooking, dishes, laundry, vacuuming or gardening?

You do not need to suffer endlessly! We provide treatments to relieve back pain by addressing the source of the pain.

Treating Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Woman with back pain

Our goal is to teach you how to use your body for optimal function.

First, we teach awareness of what is causing your symptoms. We begin by getting to know you to understand your specific lifestyle and challenges. This includes investigating current activities and movements that overload your structures.

Our treatment protocols use a variety of tools. We focus on manual therapies, education, motor control of your core muscles, flexibility and strength to address and resolve pain. We incorporate the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) and a comprehensive top to bottom whole body approach.

The result? You learn to move and exercise in ways that create optimal loading and efficient, pain-free movement.

Back Pain Physical Therapy Treatments

Core Stability for Back Pain Relief

For your body’s optimal function, you need both stability and mobility. Stability depends on the ability to transfer loads. Examples of load transfer include: standing on one leg, walking, running, squatting, lunges, single leg activities and lifting.

A stable core protects muscles and joints allowing fluid, pain-free movement.

If you’ve lost proper function or you experience back pain during normal activities, core weakness likely influences this issue. Reestablishing stability is a primary aim of physical therapy for back pain.

back pain check up

Active Physical Therapy – Back Pain Exercises

In-office visits provide a musculoskeletal diagnosis, education and hands-on treatment. Yet, long-term healing also requires time and daily changes. We provide a customized home exercise plan to maximize your treatment results.

You’ll receive instructions and education on how to properly execute each exercise. We’re always here to answer questions and support your daily healing.

Your Path to Back Pain Relief

Start on your journey to healing! Overuse of prescription pain medications can lead to addiction and other side effects. Physical therapy offers a solution to your pain. We partner with you to reach your goals and find lasting healing.

Physical Therapy Specialists serve patients throughout the Denver Metro area at our Centennial clinic.


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