What are the things you can do with a prepaid forex card?

With the increasing number of travelers in theworld, the demand for prepaid forex cards has also surged significantly. Theyhave made traveling easy and convenient, as it enables you to manage your money without the hassle of cash misplacement. A forex card offers an easier and safer way to carry foreign currency than liquid cash and travelers’ cheques.

So, if you are a traveler, you know how importantit is to  buy a forex card in India .It allows you to load multiple foreign currencies at once and visit anywherewithout worrying about currency conversion charges. The benefit of a forex card over other available options is that it is accepted world and ensures protection against foreign currency fluctuations.

Reasons to get aprepaid forex card for your travels abroad

● As mentioned earlier, you can load multiple foreign currencies at once. The number of currencies permitted to load onto a forex card varies across different forex card issuers.

● It enables you to make international bookings and payments for cinemas, hotels, clubs, restaurants, stores, airlines, and petrol pumps at no extra charge.

● It is not restricted to just swiping at PoS terminals. You can use your forex card to withdraw cash from selected international ATM without paying anything as currency conversion charges. However, you will have to pay a flat withdrawal fee on each transaction you make.

● If you buy a forex card online, you can avail yourself of affordable foreign exchange rates while loading your forex card.

● You can immediately inform the bank to freeze your balance if you choose your forex card. A new forex card will be issued.

● You can opt for easy encashment after returning to India from your travels.

How to make use of a forex card?

After buying a forex card for your travels abroad, you can use it at merchant outlets, selected international ATMs, and online transactions incurring zero or minimal transaction fee.

At merchant outlets

● Dip or swipe your forex card at the PoS terminal machine.

● Enter the invoice amount

● Enter your four-digit ATM PIN

● Collect your forex card, transaction slip, and purchase invoice.

● Sign the merchant copy of the transaction slip.

At international ATMs

● Insert or dip your forex card at the ATM

● Select your type of account as checking/current/credit

● Enter your four-digit PIN

● Select Cash Withdrawal

● Enter the amount

● Collect your forex card and cash

● Collect your receipt (if applicable)

For online transactions

● Login to the international e-commerce website

● Select Credit Card

● Enter your forex card details and billing information

● Enter your password

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