What are the Duties Involved in Outsourced Payroll Services for Accountants?


Payroll service is the process of collecting and processing employees’ wages and other payments. The importance of payroll services to the accounting firm cannot be overstated. For example, while most accounting firms handle their own payrolls internally, in many cases they utilize payroll outsourcing services to manage this critical function.

Outsourced Payroll

The duties involved in outsourced payroll services are aplenty. The following are some of these duties:

The duties involved in outsourced payroll services are aplenty. The following are some of these duties:

  • Calculate and prepare paychecks
  • Prepare tax payments
  • Prepare tax returns (including quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) and other reports as requested by your clients. You may also need to provide information on their workers’ compensation insurance coverage, Social Security numbers, etc.—all of which help you manage your client’s payroll information more efficiently. If you’re not familiar with how this works, don’t worry; we’ll teach you everything there is to know about it right now!

Calculate and prepare paychecks, as well as any tax payments for the company that has hired outsourced the payroll services

Payroll is the process of paying employees as well as calculating taxes owed by an employer to the government. It includes:

  • Calculating and preparing payroll checks, which are deposited into employee bank accounts on a regular basis.
  • Preparing tax payments for the company that has outsourced its payroll services. If a business hires an outside accountant, they will need to send them these monthly or quarterly reports so they can prepare their own taxes accordingly (unless they have already done this themselves).

Prepare and file tax returns for several different tax jurisdictions

In addition to preparing payrolls, you will need to file tax returns for several different tax jurisdictions. You may be responsible for filing state and federal tax returns, as well as state unemployment insurance information and social security numbers for employees.

You will also need to file quarterly reports with the state, and you may be required to pay state unemployment insurance contributions. In addition, you will be responsible for paying federal taxes on behalf of your employees.

Provide reports related to the payroll process, such as salary distribution reports, heads of staff reports, and more

You’ll need to provide reports related to the payroll process, such as salary distribution reports, heads of staff reports, and more. These can be used by the company that outsourced your payroll services in order to keep track of employee information and salary distribution for different departments or divisions. You’ll also want to make sure you’re keeping an eye on how much money you’re spending on these services so that when it comes time for renewal (if necessary), you can negotiate a lower price from them based on their previous performance record with other clients.

Prepare information for audits

Audits are performed by the client, or they can be performed by a third party. In some cases, audits are performed on a regular basis. For example, if you are hiring an accountant to do your monthly payroll and tax filings in Canada, then you may want to have them check their work every month to make sure that everything is accurate and up-to-date.

If there is suspicion of fraud or other irregularities within your company (like misappropriation of funds), then it would be wise for you as an owner/manager to request an audit from either:

1) The government;

 2) An independent auditor who specializes in this field

 3) Both!

Maintain a database containing all employees’ personal information, leave records, and salary information

  • Ensure that the database is secure and can only be accessed by those who need it to perform their duties.
  • Make sure that no one has access to your confidential data except for those who require it for their job responsibilities.
  • Make sure that you regularly back up your database. This will help protect against data loss from natural disasters such as floods and fire, as well as from malicious attacks by hackers.

Outsourced payroll services remove the hassle from your business.

Outsourced payroll services are a great way for you to focus on your core business. You can be sure that the bills are paid, and you won’t have to worry about any complications from late payments or payroll errors. This is especially important when it comes to growth and expansion, as well as innovation in your company’s operations.

You can focus on growing your business, knowing that your payroll is taken care of. This will help you to be more productive and profitable as a company. It will also make it easier for you to get new employees on board quickly because they don’t have to worry about paying their bills while they are still working out the kinks in their new job.



Outsourced payroll services are a great way to save money and increase efficiency in your business. They remove the burden of managing payroll from you, so you can focus on more important tasks. Outsourced payroll services also provide a safe and secure environment that helps protect employees’ information from theft or misuse; however, these types of services

come at a price tag thatpayroll outsources might not be worth it for small businesses looking for outsourcing solutions on an ongoing basis.


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