What are the Best WordPress Development Tools to look out for in 2022?

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One of the oldest and most popular development tools available today. With the help of this programme, you can quickly set up a web server, PHP, and MariaDB on your local machine, making it a great tool for WordPress developers. XAMPP is a pioneer in local development because to its simplicity of use, superior support, and cost-free nature.

It’s important to note that while XAMPP comes with MariaDB rather than MySQL as the relational database, WordPress still functions with it. Along with additional modules, XAMPP comes with Apache, FileZilla FTP, PHP, OpenSSL, and Apache.


It offers all the capabilities for sending and receiving requests, making it an excellent tool to utilise if you’re working on WordPress Rest development. The best application for it is as a debugging tool for advanced WordPress development.

As it enables you to send notifications to many tools and platforms in case other team members or clients need to be notified, the postman is also a fantastic tool for website testing. It’s tough to imagine creating a WordPress API or any other API without this useful tool.


MAMP refers to My Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It has many similarities to XAMPP. This software stack also facilitates the development of WordPress websites. The setup procedure is comparable to that of XAMPP, in which the stack is set up, a database is created, and then the WordPress development tools are manually configured.

However, MAMP is limited to Windows and macOS. Access to additional software like Python and Perl is also available.


This programme is frequently used for text editing on Windows. This open-source, free, and multi-language code editor is governed by the GNU public licence. Notepad++ is created using the Win32 API and is written in C++ for performance and deployment. Notepad++ is a well-liked application among enthusiasts of green development since it utilises STL, which uses less processing resources to function.


WordPress command-line interface, or WP CLI, is a well-liked tool among WordPress users who prefer to work from a console. You may use WP-CLI to update plugins, set up multisite installations, and carry out a number of other operations without needing a browser or any other tool. The senior developer prefers using a command-line interface since, when used properly, it may greatly save development time. It has advanced capabilities that WordPress does not have, such as the Transients API, the Cache mechanism, the Media API, and roles (unless you go into core).


It is a database management system that is free and open-source that functions well with MySQL and MariaDB.

Because it enables you to swiftly analyse errors, update data, import, and export, as well as do any other tasks you want while developing a website, it is a tool that is quite popular among WordPress developers.

Most platforms offer database access using the PhpMyAdmin programme installed on their servers, and MAMP and XAMPP both have it preconfigured for local development.


So, there you have it: the top WordPress development tools to use in 2022. If we had to build a list of WordPress development tools, it would be endless. We’ve compiled a list of the most significant ones, and you can also read our post on the best WordPress theme plugins. If you want to design a WordPress website, you’ve come to the right spot. Being a best wordpress development company we at Stellar Digital have a skilled team of developers who can help you out with your project. Check out our WordPress development services at stellardigital.in.

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