Walk along the Yinping Ancient Road into the Qingxi Ancient Town in the misty rain

Yinping Ancient Road

There is a paradise in the world, a glimpse of the past and the present

I have worked and lived in Guangyuan for decades, but I have never been to Qingxi Ancient Town. It was midsummer, and the temperature of 35 degrees in Chengdu for several days made the city restless. In order to find a cool place, I invited several Friends, go to the long-awaited ancient town for a short stay, hoping to experience the charm of “the breeze of Mumu, the fragrance of leisurely flowers” in the leisure away from the hustle and bustle.

Tiangong tricked people, and just as they were walking, it started to rain in the sky. The speed of the car was fast, the rain hit the window, and it moved back and forth like a small tadpole. However, within a few pages of the book, we arrived at Qingchuan surrounded by mountains. Save money with the Travelodge NHS discount code, Travelodge Voucher Code NHS, Travelodge NHS Discount Code,  Travelodge discount code and Travelodge Promo Code NHS

After changing to a car, and after a nearly two-hour drive, we settled in a leisure place in a mountain village a few kilometers away from the ancient town. At this time, the showers were beginning to break, and the surrounding mountains were densely covered with trees and lush vegetation. Covered by the thick fog, it is impossible to distinguish it like a cloud of fog. At a lower place, in the green forest on the mountainside, a mist of mist rises up, tangled in strands, and the surroundings are dressed up in mist. .

In the courtyard, the trees were full of pears, plums and other seasonal melons and fruits, which weighed down the branches that were not sturdy. Today’s wind and rain also laid down a lot of fruit, making the scene on the ground very messy.

The name of this place is Yinping Village, which is just like the famous Yinping Ancient Road. This was originally a road that was stepped on by woodcutters and medicinal farmers. Back then, Deng Ai, the general of Wei, passed through this place, and “wrapped down” from this Motianling, all the way. Going forward, reaching Jiangyou, beheading Zhuge Zhan, the son of Zhuge Liang, and destroying Shu.

There are many legends of the Three Kingdoms on this road. In the mountains and forests, there are countless lonely souls of soldiers of all ages; It seems to have come to a paradise, looking far into the distance, silent and silent, a gust of breeze blowing, full of refreshment, a good place for immortals to live.

“Where to find the paradise, Yinping Village under Motianling”, it has also experienced the tragic “Wenchuan Earthquake”, but after the reconstruction, Phoenix Nirvana, Qingchuan stood up again, and luckily, they were from Zhejiang Provinces are paired, so the buildings here all present the style of residential houses in the mountainous areas of eastern Zhejiang.

Qingxi Residential Houses Rebuilt After the Disaster Photo: Yang Gang

Not only is it a safe place to live, but more importantly, sustainable development. With the strong support of the state and Zhejiang, Yinping Village relies on the natural advantages of green mountains and green waters, and is close to Qingxi Ancient Town, promotes development through tourism, and runs farmhouses in every family. The entire mountain village has formed an industrial chain mainly based on homestays and leisure.

Qingxi Ancient Town is about 60 kilometers away from Qingchuan County in the deep mountains. It is like a beautiful woman who is “raised in a boudoir and unknown to people”. It has not been well-known for thousands of years. It is only in recent years that it has become known with the prosperity of tourism. have to. Save with Tui discount code NHS and Tui discount code

However, in the early years, it was a place where merchants gathered and was full of people. It was also a strategic place valued by military strategists of all dynasties because of the throat of the ancient road.

Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, this place has always been an important pass on the ancient Yinping Road, and it is also a place where the royal family and local forces are constantly fighting each other. It was only during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty that large-scale fortifications were built here to prevent the attack of the northern ethnic minorities and the Qing Dynasty. At that time, it was further expanded on the basis of Ming, and it has reached the scale it is today.

It is not accurate to say that it is an ancient town, at least it is just what people call it today. Strictly speaking, it is a “city”, just like the city of Dapeng in Shenzhen, the “suo” was built to defend against foreign enemies. A level of military facilities, the number of garrisoned troops is under the “wei”, such as “Tianjinwei” and “Weihaiwei”, etc. The Ming and Qing dynasties have general-level generals guarding Qingxi, the purpose is to prevent the Qiang in the north. people.

The ancient town has a long history, which can be traced back to the period of the Three Kingdoms. Zhuge Liang once sent Liao Hua, the prefect of Yinping County, to garrison the field here. Although there is a joke that “there are no generals in Shu, Liao Hua is a pioneer”, but he was a pioneer of the Northern Expedition. Even those who are idle can see the importance of Qingxi’s strategic location.

Covered Bridge over Qingxi Photo: Zhang Yi

Yinping Village is very close to the ancient town. After walking for half an hour, a covered bridge will appear in front of you. The bridge has a double-layer layout with blue tiles and flying eaves. It is like a landscape bridge on the Nanhe River in Guangyuan, but it is much smaller in scale. The exquisite murals on the bridge are dignified. Simple and simple, it seems to be singing to you the relics of ancient rhythms floating from the depths of history.

Those major events and figures that happened here will make you feel the profound cultural heritage here, such as “Training Fields and Raising Soldiers”, “Smuggling Yinping”, “Fighting at Motianling”, etc. the history of temperature.

Under the bridge, the Qingxi River runs all the way from the deep mountains of Tangjia River in Panda Paradise. It winds along the mountain and travels more than 100 miles. It has a nice name, called Qingzhu River. Qingjiang River, from river to river, is also quite comedy.

After it merges into the Jialing River, it will be thrown into the embrace of the Yangtze River. This green stream, called the river, is neither wide nor turbulent, passing quietly around the city. Going away, the stream will set off the whole ancient town to be quiet and serene. Don’t miss Booking.com discount code NHS and Booking.com promo code 10 Off

The Green Bamboo River passing around the village Photography: Yang Gang

There are pebbles in the creek, as if they were turned over from the deep mountains in the distance with the torrential rain and flood peaks. Now, these round stones are lying quietly in the river bed, and they have grown a lot steeper, covering the entire Qingxi.

The water is clear and cold, not deep, standing on the shore, looking into the distance, the perilous peaks pierce into the sky, abrupt and steep; below the eyebrows, the stream is gurgling in the sun, and flowers are fragrant on both sides of the bank, listening to the rushing sound of jumping in my ears, I suddenly wake up. The feeling of “getting on Shiqingxi”.

“Amid the noise and chaos of the rocks, the colors are quiet and deep in the pine.” I remember reading an article “You Qingxi Ji” by Yuan Zhongdao when I was studying ancient prose. Because of its beautiful description of water, I also made reading notes for future writing. borrow.

“The jumping beads of Qingxi are splashing with snow… Now that I see this water, I realize that the world really has a blue color. It is like autumn, like Xiaolan; it is thicker than the new willow with smoke, and it is lighter than the early husk; Warm to jade, slippery to dandruff; to cold to plump, it can be eaten or eaten.”

I don’t know where the Qingxi he wrote about is. As a “public security school” giant, it should not be the Qingxi I have touched now, but every time I come across a place with beautiful scenery, such as Jiuzhai, such as Qinghai Lake, this text It will jump out of my mind, and now I feel that no matter how I look at it, it fits the scene in front of me. What Quan Dang Yuan Xueshi wrote is our Qingxi in Guangyuan.

Xiaodong Street outside the city is a gathering place for the Hui people. Photo: Zhang Yi

Crossing the covered bridge is Xiaodong Street outside the ancient town. This is the gathering place of the Hui people. The buildings are full of ethnic colors. The moon-shaped signs on the top of the two tall mosque towers are shining in the sky. After crossing the block, we arrived at the city side square, which was already close to Dongwong City.

Because the ancient town is located at the intersection of multiple ethnic groups, among the few indigenous people here, it is also a multi-ethnic co-existence place, and beliefs also coexist harmoniously. Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam and Catholicism also coexisted. It is a veritable building. The city of religious and cultural harmony.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS , Amazon NHS Discount  Amazon Discount Code UK , Amazon coupon code 10 OffAmazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code , Amazon Discount Code NHS and Amazon Discount Code


As a military facility, the ancient town has two urn cities in the east and west. When you climb up the stairs, statues of Liao Hua and Ma Dai stand with weapons, crossbows and bows and arrows placed on the city plates, and huge war drums on both sides, hanging high on the city gate tower. Go up, close your eyes and listen, under the package of the heroic atmosphere of the Three Kingdoms period, the golden iron horse, the sound of killing, swept in in a roar.

Stepping on the stone road paved with bluestone to enter the city, a strong sense of crossing hits my face, the sun shines through the clouds, reflecting the surrounding, gently stroking the ancient town, leaving patches of mottled light and shadow, on the originally wet ground, It seemed to be a little transpired again, and suddenly felt a little hot, so the jacket could only be taken off.

Dongmen Wengcheng, people doing morning exercises in the square Photo: Zhang Yi

“The mountains are green and the trees are gone, and the water is green without cold smoke.” Qingxi is far away from the world. It is a pure place that has not been infected by modern commercial civilization. There are many Ming and Qing buildings in the city. Compared, like a shy and timid village girl, standing in front of us; and Lijiang, no matter how you look at it, looks like a bikini-like ladyboy in Peking Opera.

The ancient town has a cross-shaped layout, with its main street facing east and west. The street is very narrow and pedestrians are lonely. Most of the people walking on the street are aboriginal residents. Divided into two.

Although most of the two sides of the stream are shops and inns, selling some local specialties, such as fungus and mushrooms, but there are also houses mixed with them. From the point of view of the furnishings, the local life is very leisurely.

Different from the hustle and bustle of ordinary ancient towns, in the shops along the road, the shopkeepers only quietly watch the tourists come and go, there is no noisy hawking, and there is no disturbing music. The trees and flowers on both sides of the road sway in the breeze, exuding Light floral fragrance.

Ancient Town Inn Photography: Zhang Yi

From time to time, you can see the dog lying lazily on the street, and the old man sitting on the reclining chair, looking at the light and shadow of the past with those ancient eyes, the whole ancient town looks extraordinarily tranquil and simple.

The buildings in the town are scattered, row upon row, and antique. They are generally two-story pavilions, and occasionally three-story buildings. However, they look much higher than similar buildings in the south of the Yangtze River. nice.

The center of the city is the Eight Views Tower, named after a student in the late Qing Dynasty described the poems of the Eight Views of Qingxi. This is where the four streets meet. The building is three-storey high and very majestic, with glazed tiles, carved beams and painted buildings. The plaque hangs high, especially the “Xishu Throat” facing west is the most spectacular, and it is also a true portrayal of Qingxi’s military town.

Going forward, you will reach Xiucheng after crossing West Street. The entire ancient town is surrounded by the city wall, forming a style like ancient warriors’ boots. Therefore, Qingxi has a very special name, called “boot city”. .

I don’t know if it was the intention of the city builders or it was due to the situation. This “suo city” has the atmosphere of wartime from the inside to the outside. A Qiang-style watchtower-like building stands on the side of the covered bridge, and I feel faintly. When it comes to its warning effect, I just don’t know whether the people living here are descendants of the garrisoned army.

If so, I don’t know if they still have the courageous and sturdy genes of their ancestors in their lives; however, the passing years will have wiped out everything long ago. Enjoy a relaxing time in the pine breeze.

I lived for more than ten days, and it was sunny and rainy. I liked the mountain scenery after the rain the most. “The white clouds look back and the green mist enters and see nothing.” Clouds just constitute an elegant and interesting light ink landscape painting.

The night of the mountain village is also unique. When the night is quiet, a clear spring drawn from the mountain gurgles past the door. At this moment, a leisure book is accompanied by the fragrance of tea. All sorrows flow away with that spring.

After savouring the features of Qingxi Ancient Town and washing away the boredom of the city, the youth is full of beauty and cool, and it is time to go back.

While waiting for the bus, the afterglow of the setting sun dyed the white clouds wandering in the blue sky red, and in a while it turned into a sunset glow of roses; watching the sunset glow, it was orange at first, and the color changed from the inside to the outside, and gradually sank. , the chroma gradually changes from light to dark, and finally becomes orange-red,

And when we looked from the car window, the darkness had already sunk everything, and only the construction site of the highway under construction on the other side of the stream was still flashing lights.

Now, the epidemic has not yet completely passed, and there are not many tourists here. If the highway from Guangyuan to Pingwu is completed, there will definitely be many people here. Maybe, by then, the degree of commercialization here will be even higher. Gao, whether there will still be such a quiet feeling now, I don’t know.

Looking at the Yinping Ancient Road, along the Qingxi River, there are so many people who come here every year like migratory birds to spend the summer, I am thinking, when will I be able to come again, and like them, I will use this place as a stop in my life to appreciate The years are quiet, enjoy the quiet and serenity.

Tranquil morning in the mountain village Photography: Yang YingReturn to Sohu, see more

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