Unusual Brain Facts

1) Our brains can trick us by presenting objects to us in the color it thinks it should be, using our memory, rather than the color it actually is.

2) Your brain might persuade you to be attracted to certain proportions in in the faces of others. This is the golden ratio concept. The golden ratio proportion of faces our brains are attracted to roughly equates to the face being one and a half times as long as it is wide.

3) We have a built in navigation system in the hippocampus in our brains that creates a spacial model of the outside world. This is our internal map system.

4) When someone trusts us and that trust is rewarded our brain releases oxytocin….the feel good chemical. Go show off how trustable you are, it feels good!

5)Type texting, painting or playing the piano difficult? When your brain does an unfamiliar tasks with opposite hands, it shuts down one hand’s activity in order to focus. This is called bi-manual interference.

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