Understanding of Biophilic Interior Design

The Advantages of Biophilic Design

Understanding of Biophilic Interior Design

Even if we all have a natural affinity for the outdoors, it’s comforting to know that there is scientific evidence to back up and explain this. Numerous studies claim there is empirical and quantifiable proof that biophilic design has broad favourable effects on our general health and wellness. The relationship between humans and nature has been demonstrated to reduce stress, enhance creativity and focus, assist in patient recovery, and more!

Interactions with nature and the natural environment through biophilic design provide us with much-needed opportunities to take a break and prevent falling into a state of mental exhaustion, according to research on the relationship between biophilic design and mental health.


Designing a living environment

If you want the best Interior designers in Bangalore to add biophilic design elements to your house or workplace visit SobhaInteriors.  Who believe that considering biophilic design is crucial for our health and wellness and is not a luxury. Always bear in mind that when discussing biophilic interior design, the surrounding environment should be taken into consideration. Finding inspiration in nature may be really gratifying and will really help us foster a love for our environment.

The benefit and utility of biophilic design lies in the way it incorporates natural components into our surroundings and encourages us to interact with them. By nurturing this connection, it improves our well-being and productivity.




Advantages of Biophilic Design in Workplace:


Higher standard of air:

In order to make oxygen, they use carbon dioxide, which is harmful to humans (good for us). Additionally, they transpire via their leaves, increasing the humidity in the air, which is great for preventing dry air, a common issue in air-conditioned offices. Additionally, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are present in some carpet fibres, frequently used in household cleaning products, and released by electronics are all absorbed by plants. Here’s more information about raising air quality.


Make you 15% more productive and more imaginative:

According to a series of research from Exeter University, workers were 15% more productive in “lean” workplaces that contained only a few houseplants, as people who actively interact with their surroundings tend to be more productive and creative.


Release Stress:

Both mental health issues and heart problems have been linked to stress. By 2020, the World Health Organization predicts that heart problems and mental health conditions would be the two main causes of sickness worldwide.

Studies have also shown that having direct access to nature helps reduce stress. Our brain contains millions of neurological channels that connect to the neurological system of the body. The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are the two networks that make up this system. When cognitive function is required, the sympathetic system of the body stimulates the body. The parasympathetic nervous system helps the body relax and is involved in internal functions including digestion. When the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body are in balance, the body is in the ideal state of homeostasis.


Where to get the best and affordable Biophilic Interior Design?


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