Tyre checks that could save your life this holiday season

With the country starting to open its borders, it’s a safe bet that a lot of Aussies are going to be hitting the roads in a pretty serious way this December holidays. This means that now is the time to ensure that your car is in good condition to make sure your summer driving is as safe as possible.

One of the most important parts of your car as far as safety is concerned, but often one of the most overlooked, are your car tyres. Worn or damaged tyres can have a massive impact on the handling of your car, especially in emergencies. So do yourself a favour and make sure your tyres are in great condition before you head off on any summer adventures.

1. Check your tyres for damage

This might seem a little obvious, but sometimes it’s the simplest checks that can be the most revealing. You want to look for any cuts or punctures in the tyre wall. Even if they are only superficial, that damage can worsen over time, and lead to serious issues.

Similarly, if you check your tyres and notice anything piercing the type, like nails, glass, or even rocks, these could cause a blown tyre if you continue to drive around with them. Remove them immediately, and then keep an eye on the impact spot to ensure it’s not becoming a larger issue.

2. Check the tread depth on your tyres

Tyre tread has a major impact on how your car handles. In emergencies, handling is going to majorly impact your car’s response time. Having adequate tread on your tyres means that you will be able to stop faster in both wet and dry conditions.

You can use a tread card to measure the depth of your tyres. You want to check each tyre and look for two major things. The first is the depth of each indentation on your tyres. A tread card will be colour coded, so you can quickly see if your tyres are worn. The other thing to look out for is how evenly your tyres are wearing. If one tyre still has a good amount of tread, but another is worn thin, it’s time for a wheel alignment.

3. Measure the tyre pressure

Correct tyre pressure is well known for helping your car drive better and making it more fuel-efficient, but it’s also an important part of keeping your tyres safe to drive on. You can find your car’s optimal tyre pressure in the user manual, or on the placard around the driver-side door.

There are two ways to check your tyre pressure. You can, of course, head to most servos and check using the air pressure systems they have. You can also buy a pressure checker from most automotive stores, allowing you to check more regularly. If you notice that one or more of your tyres loses pressure more quickly than others, it’s a sign that something is going wrong.

If you’ve done all of these checks and you have found something that worries you or is abnormal, the next step is to come in and see your local mechanic Milton. We can help ensure your tyres are safe and ready for your summer driving with replacements or wheel alignment in Brisbane.

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