Top 5 Tricks To Rodent-Proof Your Garden


Most homeowners with a mystical garden are often worried about rodent invasion. Rats, rodents and mice can be very creepy, if not tackled timely. Expensive poisonous pesticides are not always needed to eradicate the infestation.  Well, the tips and tricks below will definitely beat all your fears. 

Peppermint Is An Effective Repellent

A garden crowded with rodents can indeed be very awful. Pest and rodent issues crawl in if the surroundings are unclean. Don’t worry, though! Make the necessary arrangements to treat the irritating rodents, the moment you notice one of them. The more the delay, the harder the extermination. 

Peppermint, as we all know, is an amazing pest and rodent repellent. There is no need to resort to toxic chemicals if you have a bottle of peppermint essential oil at home.  Dampen some cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in the areas where the rodents congregate. Perform this hack, a couple of times in a week to end the harsh infestation. 

Scatter Instant Potatoes

Out of the umpteen other rodent-proofing tricks, this one is the best! Instant potato powder is never, a rodent’s favourite. So, why not use it to rid the pesky critters? Chemically-laden rodent control agents may provide immediate results, but, at the same time, they upset the healthy plants in the garden. 

Locate the spots where the creatures frequent. However, this may be a time and energy-consuming chore. On feasting on the potato powder, the rodent’s intestine swells up, thus causing its death. Most of these hacks can be performed using simple kitchen products. 

Onions Help Too

Onions are powerful in repulsing rodents. The pungent odour of onions keeps the creatures at bay. A beautiful garden raises the magnificence of the house. So, do everything possible to keep the lawn intact, before it gets too late. Rodent control, will not be an easy piece of cake if the remedy is delayed. 

Check out the high-traffic areas and identify the type of rodents in your garden. Almost all of these irritants can be repelled with onions. However, you may have to replace the onion, every second day, else, it may rot. This is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient rodent cures. 

Seek Some Help

If the infestation cannot be handled alone, don’t panic. Think of smart techniques to rodent-proof your lawn, instead of getting worked up. Sometimes, home remedies may not deliver the desired results. When in a dilemma, talk to the best and most reliable pest control experts in town.

Go through the company’s website and skim the services they offer. Check the rates and quality of services too. If everything seems okay, go ahead and sign the deal. Assess the agency’s licenses, insurances and expertise. If the exterminators use organic rodent control tricks, then there is no need for a second thought. 

Keep The Lawn Clean

Trim the bushes and shrubs regularly. Treat the trash on time. Clear the fallen fruits, veggies and other garden clippings. Also, buy some catnips and plant them in the heavily infested areas.

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