Top 5 Benefits of an On-Demand Grocery App Development

Top 5 Benefits of an On-Demand Grocery App Development

In this ever-evolving economy, retail sales are dropping. Many retailers are searching for methods to reduce costs and boost profit margins to sustain in the market. 

One such method is leveraging technology to build an interactive on-demand grocery app and fulfill users’ demands. 

Regarding mobile app usage, grocery apps are one of the fastest-growing in the United States and worldwide. 

According to Statista, the online grocery app market was valued at $95.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $187.7 billion by 2024. 

Grocery delivery apps also assist in improving sales. A mobile app development firm can help retailers attain their objectives. 

This blog will discuss the essential benefits of on-demand grocery app development, followed by its cost to build one.  

Benefits Of Grocery App Development For Your Business

1. Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Grocery apps save time, money, and resources in multiple ways. Customers don’t have to travel to grocery stores, saving travel expenses and time. They can order anything they desire via their grocery app. They can find anything they like without a fuss using search and filters. 

Grocery apps provide discounts per local festivals and seasons, saving more money. You should also not forget that you are spared from heavy lifting, which eases many, particularly senior citizens.

2. No Long Check-out Queues

Customers love to visit local brick-and-mortar grocery stores regularly. They also like to see multiple products before buying and finally pick what they desire. However, the most tiresome aspect comes at the last. 

When they have to join a long queue at the check-out counter and wait for their turn, but with the help of a grocery app, they can pay instantly within a few clicks.

3. Grow Your Business With Personalization

With the assistance of reliable app developers, you can easily personalize your app with interactive features such as integrating maps, shopping carts, featured stores, etc. 

You can build your app according to your business needs and users’ demands.  

4. Boosts Sales Potential

A grocery app development service can assist you in boosting sales potential. With a single app for the online store, you can manage all customer’s requirements like adding items, providing product information, search options, etc. 

5. Expand Your Customer Base

Another benefit of grocery app development is its capability to aid you in obtaining better customer relations. If consumers use your app on a regular basis, they will suggest it to others which will expand your customer base. 

Factors Determining Grocery App Development Cost

1. App Design

The cost of developing a grocery app can differ depending on the app’s design. A simple application design will cost less; nonetheless, if you wish for a complicated app design with additional features, it will cost you more.

2. Platform

The cost can vary depending on the platform you want to build. For example, creating an app for iOS could cost more than making an Android app because of different tech specs and designing procedures.

3. Technology Stack

Grocery app development cost also relies on the various tech stack. It includes the following technologies such as: 

Tech Stack For an iOS-Based App

  • Programming Language-Swift
  • Toolkit-Apple Xcode
  • SDK- iOS SDK

Tech Stack For an Android-Based App

  • Programming Language-Kotlin
  • Toolkit-Android Studio and Android Developer Tools
  • SDK-Android SDK

So, the average cost of developing an on-demand grocery app, approximately $35 per hour, will begin from $75,000.

Wrapping Up

To build an intuitive, appealing, and personalized on-demand grocery app, you can consider seeking a renowned app development company for productivity. However, you must check the company’s reviews, portfolios, and ratings before making them your tech partner. 

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