Tom Hanks Net Worth: A closer look at the back-to-back Academy Awards Winner


Tom Hanks has been a real-life role model to many uprising superstars of Hollywood. Born in 1956, Tom Hanks is now turning 65 and has accomplished a number of Emmy Awards and back-to-back Academy Awards, which reward his performance in evergreen movies as an actor, director, writer, and filmmaker. According to the insights, even after crossing the age of sixty-five, Tom Hanks has not planned to retire from Hollywood. Not only this, but expectations are that Tom Hanks Net Worth will widely increase, thanks to his upcoming biopic of Elvis Presley, a legendary singer and musician who died in 1977, and a lot of theories are in line.

To the reader’s surprise, Tom Hanks has grasped the role of Mr. Presley’s manager in the biopic. Keeping in mind the margin of this project, how much do you think Tom Hanks Net Worth is? Well! Let’s find out:

What is Tom Hanks Net Worth?

According to the latest estimation of Celebrities Net Worth, Tom Hanks Net Worth stands at $400 Million. To the reader’s surprise, he is the 12th richest celebrity in Hollywood, including Jennifer Lopez and Jackie Chan, who also stand at $400 million.

Without a doubt, Tom Hanks’s outstanding performance in movies like Philadelphia and Forrest Gump has allowed him to stand out. These two movies are evergreen and have helped Tom Hanks to earn a total of seven Emmy Awards and Academy Awards.

Tom Hanks lives in a $26 Million Mansion.

Believe it or not, but successful celebrities do live dreamy life. According to our research, Tom Hanks is currently living in his $26 million mansions in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. To the reader’s surprise, Mr. Hanks purchased this property back in 2010, and now its market value is $70 Million.

Apart from this, Tom Hanks Net Worth also goes to other properties that he owns, including the Greek Island gateway mansion and houseboat house in San Francisco.

Tom Hanks salary for movies

Counting down from most popular movies to unnoticed movies that Tom Hanks appeared in. On the top is “Forrest Gump.” Do you know? Forrest Gump was released in 1977 and made a total profit of $65 million at the box office. Apart from that, the movie’s box office total revenue was approximately 700 million USD. However, what’s more, surprising is that Tom Hanks’ salary for Forrest Gump was $60 Million, the highest among the entire cast.

Not only this, but Tom Hanks Net Worth has persistently hiked, thanks to Toy Story. Since 1995, Tom Hanks has been the voice of Woody. For the first Toy Story, Tom Hanks Net worth hiked by half a million. For Toy Story 2, Tom Hanks got 2 million USD for the voice of Woody. For the third and the four-part, his salary hiked up to $15 million.

Tom Hanks Wife Net Worth

In 1988, Tom Hanks tied knots with Rita Wilson, whom he met seven years ago (from marriage) on the set of Bosom Buddies. Since then, the couple hasn’t left each other’s side on the red carpet. Rita Wilson is also a successful actress with an ongoing career in the music industry. Tom Hanks Wife Net worth is $100 Million.

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