Tips to Select a Good Forex Broker for Beginners

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Individual investors cannot directly trade in the forex market. They have to do so through a forex broker that’s basically a company that mediates the transactions. It helps to have a good forex broker because not only will it give you access to market resources but will also provide a user-friendly trading platform. However, along with the ever-growing number of traders in the market, there are also numerous scammers in the market. Learn More:

Therefore when you explore the forex brokers online, you must choose a broker that aligns with your trading style and is also regulated.  Things to keep in mind when selecting a forex broker:

Safe and Reliable

If your broker is not registered with the concerned regulatory body that operates in your country, your money is not in the right hands. This implies that you will have no backup or insurance in case of any untoward incident. Finding a broker you can trust is important. You can do this by checking they have: 

  1. A consistently good reputation
  2. Your country’s regulatory body has them registered. This will protect your investment from potential fraud. 
  3. Having a broker who is listed on the stock exchange is a positive sign. It implies that the company is accountable to the public and has to stay relevant to ensure its stock prices remain at a high position.

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Brokerage Fee

While you have to pay a fee to your broker for every trade you undertake, make sure that fee is not unusually high. Low brokerage ensures that you benefit from the profits made on your trade. 

Be aware of all the hidden costs or fees that come with your trading account. Check if your broker charges you withdrawal fees for transferring funds to your bank account or if it is deducting a penalty for prolonged inactivity on the account. 

Platform Interface

Having an easy-to-use interface is a must on every trading platform. Your broker should be able to provide you with a good, clean, and comprehensive interface that is free from bugs and lags. 

Never underestimate the importance of a good trading platform as it gives you access to the live market. You should be able to access all features and find all the products in a hassle-free way. 

Educational Resources

It is an added bonus and of course, a great feature if your trading platform hosts educational content such as articles, infographics, explainer videos, etc. While you learn, you can also make the most of the demo trading accounts to apply your knowledge and strategy to sense how it could take shape in the real forex market. 

Backup and Support

In order to make bigger trades and earn more profit, brokers may even allow you to borrow money. Check if your brokerage offers Negative Balance Protection, which would keep your balance from going negative, i.e. it will prevent you from getting into debt. 

There’s no substitute for good customer support. You will always benefit from having people who are responsive to your concerns and have a sound knowledge of the trade. Check out more in detail on YouTube.

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