Tips for decorating your home’s interior: Use these wallpaper designs to make a statement.

wallpaper decor is a favourite among interior designers and homeowners because it is not only aesthetically beautiful and practical in a variety of settings, but it also has a quick application and turnaround time. Here are a few pointers from professionals in home interior design for bold wallpaper ideas.

One of the most important aspects of interior design and decoration is the wall, which is the largest surface area of any room and serves as the enclosure that gives it its shape. In today’s world of technology and innovation, there are many options for wall finishes, including paint, wall cladding, and wallpaper, the latter of which is becoming increasingly popular. Wallpaper is a favourite among interior designers and homeowners because it is not only visually appealing and available in a wide range of alternatives, but it also has a quick application and turnaround time.

While strong wallpapers with optically deceptive geometrics or a range of colours are ideal for setting up an accent wall, playful patterns have always made a case for grabbing the eye’s attention. It is imperative to comprehend what “bold” wallpapers signify. Wallpaper can be striking in terms of print or texture, and frequently it combines the two. Typically, if the wallpaper’s background colour is strong or eye-catching, the print on top of it will be muted or limited. It’s interesting how many textured wallpaper options there are on the market, with designs like embroidery and even sequencing.

We suggest that in order for a bold wallpaper to complement the design theme, the overall colour scheme should be carefully considered. For instance, the wallpaper’s secondary colour should be used liberally throughout the room rather than becoming the room’s dominant colour. In order for the bold wallpaper to stand out, the fabric and upholstery surrounding it should either match it or be basic or minimal. Therefore, it is important to conceptualise a balance between the wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture all at once. Additionally, the wallpaper should be placed in the room with enough breathing area all around it. In order for the wallpaper to stand out as the room’s focal point, its use should be limited to an area.

A plain wall can be brought to life with custom wallpaper with distinctive designs and prints, and the interiors benefit from the longer-lasting finish it provides compared to paint. Rachna Agarwal, the founder and design innovator of Studio IAAD, offered the following advice on choosing the perfect bold wallpaper for your space:

  1. Size matters:

It’s important to balance the print, especially if you want to make a strong impression in a small space. It’s safer to choose smaller geometric shapes, but you’d be surprised at how brilliant, bolder designs may add to the impression of space. An optical illusion can give the appearance of a larger room, particularly in wallpaper designs inspired by murals. It contributes to maintaining the room’s physical equilibrium without making it appear cluttered or overly fussy.

  1. Keep the design consistent;

don’t limit yourself to only certain colours or textures. An interplay of various materials, textures, and colour palettes aids in the development of a coherent design concept. Make sure you don’t get distracted by just colours and patterns. Think of the subtle inclusions or exclusions that will balance out the loud prints instead. Consider choosing wallpaper that complements your current wallpaper home decor, or vice versa.

  1. Let there be a story

Vibrant wallpapers are a visual form of expression that vividly depict the inhabitants’ adventures and experiences. One is reminded of a tropical vacation, for instance, by a design that features natural and botanical motifs. Others might be firmly anchored in heritage and honour artisanal styles to produce a striking yet classic statement that reflects the wearer’s personality.

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