This is Nessi ?

Trollheads Nessi is a Belgian Shepherd – a Malinois. She runs as swift as the wind, jumps higher than me (I am 5’10) and has an impressive set of teeth.
She is trained as a PPD in her two former families. And I have seen her in action on a couple of occasions – she is fierce. Jumps up on the assailant, and pushes them back – biting is only an option when other actions fail.

I can hardly imagine a more happy dog than Nessi. But she did come with baggage  – she has scars, and lacks part of her tongue.

The physical  scars are easier to work with than the psychological ones. Her triggers are multiple; she can’t abide people who put their arms around her neck, and is extremely protective towards people who show a physical interest in me.

Which is fine by me, being a celibate monk.
Working with a rescued dog is at times a challenge. But the rewards are immense.
If you have the personal qualities necessary to be the protector of such a dog, I highly recommend it. There are many rescued dogs that are available… And the life you save today may save yours tomorrow.

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