Things about Alkaline Water water System

alkaline water filter system

A good alkaline water filter system works by filtering out microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals, but retaining important natural electrolytes, turning your drinking water into alkaline mineral water to hydrate you quickly and efficiently.

alkaline water filter system

The alkaline water system uses the most advanced filtration process. This involves a ceramic filter pre-filtering water before it is further filtered through our multistage filter cartridge. Read on to learn more about how alkaline water filters work.

Why is filtered water bitter?

Filter element protection liquid leads to
If the filtered water from the newly installed water purifier smells, pay attention to the key points of water purification. This is because the filter element protection fluid of the water purifier will not cause flushing. When we encounter this problem, we just need to open the drain and tap after installing the water purifier and let it wash for about 15 minutes. The odor can be completely removed.

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What does alkaline water filter system remove from water?

In an alkaline water filter system, the water is filtered several times. In nature, water is filtered through natural sand, soil and mineral deposits and exposed to sunlight and other elements. These factors remove harmful toxins and carry away minerals, resulting in pure mineral water.


Most tap and bottled water is filtered through a water treatment system to remove contaminants such as heavy metals, dirt, silt, sand and sediment from the water. Tap water is also increasing in trace amounts of plastic, which needs to be fully filtered.


Popular kettle filters, faucet filters, under sink filters, and bench filters all filter out chemicals and sediment to varying degrees. People who want to remove chlorine and fluoride can also choose these types of water filters.


But what does standard filtration remove from water? The answer is usually something bad and something good. This leaves you with clean but sterile water that lacks any electrolyte minerals or rehydrating properties.


The difference between these water filters and alkaline water filters is that our system also creates water with a specific structure and balance that makes it easier for the body to receive and absorb water.


What’s hiding in your water

Does a water filter remove fluoride?

Fluoride is undetectable in smell and taste. Fluoride is not to be confused with chlorine, another substance added to most Australian water, which does have a smell and taste.


There are many water filters available with varying levels of fluoride filtration, including our innovative Alkaline Water system, which uses the latest multistage microfiltration technology to remove up to 90% of the fluoride (not to mention 99% of the chlorine) from tap water.


What water filters do is something that most other water filters cannot do, namely create balanced alkaline water that includes key nutrients and electrolytes that are more readily accepted and absorbed by the body.


How does the alkaline water filter work?

The Alkaline Water system uses two unique water filtration components that work together to replicate Mother Nature’s water cycle and transform your drinking water into fresh alkaline mineral water that provides you with hydrates.


Ceramic filter filter

Ceramic water filters are a crucial first step in the filtration process. It pre-filters the water source for rust, sediment, organic matter, bacteria, cysts, parasites and other microorganisms that may be present. It can even remove 0.2 microns of microplastic!


Multistage filter

Multistage water filters continue the process. The first is a silver activated carbon layer that inhibits bacterial growth and reduces chlorine, pesticides and trace chemicals that any ceramic filters might miss.


The next layer of the multistage filter cylinder is the fluoride reduction layer and the activated zeolite layer. The former reduced fluoride in the treated water supply by 90 percent. The latter further inhibits bacteria and traps heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and copper, as well as detergents, ammonium, and industrial chemicals.


But filtering water to remove harmful toxins and chemicals is only half the problem. The other half is alkalinity, making sure your water is not only sterile, but also filled with balanced electrolyte minerals for optimal hydration.


To achieve this goal, the multistage water filter cartridge uses a bioceramical Pi layer containing highly compressed diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides to release Pi energy to improve bioavailability.


The next layer is a far infrared (FIR) layer that provides energy to the water, helping to balance pH levels and reduce acidic components. The silica sand layer is then infused with natural silica – which is known to enhance collagen and give hair and nails a glowing glow – and polishes the water to make it crystal clear.  Check more on servicepofessinalnetwork.


MSPure alkaline water filter system

But that’s not all. The alkaline water filter system is also equipped with natural mineral stones mined from pristine deposits more than 300 meters below the surface. They contain key minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Silverstone helps keep the tank clean and ensures you get the best water quality every day.

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