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Do you want to find the most popular online games?

Recently, online games with simple gameplay are a quick choice for those who like entertainment in their boring and free time. Not to mention cookie clicker is a clicker game inspired by modern inventions of today’s world.

Your task in the cookie clicker game is to develop an abandoned land into a modern one by clicking cookies. Use the mouse to repeatedly click on the biggest cake on the screen, the counter will work. Support items will be unlocked using the cakes you create to buy them. These items will make a big contribution to you every second of the click.

When you run out of cookies, use upgrades to gain more. Calculate how many times you want to buy each item because the cost of each upgrade will rise exponentially, with each item costing 15% more than the previous purchase with the same.
Now, can you demonstrate how to bake one quadrillion cookies?

How to play
To create cookies, left-click on the cookie.
Left-click menu items to purchase upgrade goods.
Avoid using cheats and add-ons.

This game will help you have a great relaxing space. Explore this game on your phone or computer depending on your preference.

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