The Features Every Webinar Platform Should Have

The Features Every Webinar Platform Should Have

Online seminars, also called webinars, are a great way to communicate information to a crowd that can be found all over the globe. The webinar may be engaging and enjoyable as the host decides to create it. If it is organised properly with webinar services it could have a positive impact on the performance of your company’s bottom line.

But, aside from having a host with a captivating persona, the best web-based webinar platform can be all the difference between hitting a home run or hitting the ball with your audience.

How do you select the best web-based webinar service? It all comes down to the features. Here are nine “must-haves” on your online webinar platform feature list:

The Content Authoring Tool

A webinar requires more than simply making slides or posting videos. The most effective webinar platforms have tools that will help you produce high-quality content that will enhance your experience during your webinar.

No matter if you’re a brand new host or seasoned using the right tools, they can be a huge help in aiding you in connecting with your viewers. It is not necessary to finish all the work on your own and then upload it to the platform will allow you to ensure that everything runs well and efficiently.


Your participants in webinars will get exhausted if the only thing they are able to do is sit and watch. People are much more likely to learn if they take part. In a web-based webinar hosting platform that allows interactivity through a variety of methods that will enable you to host events that are educational and entertaining. Some of the features to look for are private chats, group chats, as well as a breakout board or chatroom for discussion in group forums, as well as an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive elements such as these, which allow guests to be heard and to ask questions is one of the most effective methods to get people engaged with what you’re able to share — and also to increase the number of attendees at the number of future events you plan to hold.


Certain webinars aren’t as large. In reality, you could only be speaking to a few individuals. But, do you plan to address all the people? Are you planning to host a successful webinar for large group that features several speakers?

Finding a platform that can expand with you (scale upwards) is crucial. Consider what you don’t need now and choose an event live streaming service that can satisfy your requirements months or even years in advance. With a cloud-based system, you can easily scale up – there is no need for complicated software updates. It is as simple as changing your current plan and then upgrading to the next stage when the requirement arises.

Engagement Tracking

What do you know about the people who are engaging with your information? How are your audience members using the information you’ve provided? What features are being utilised? What are the features that aren’t being utilised? Information on what your attendees are doing today will help in planning the next webinar in the event that you are able to monitor their actions.

Select a system that provides you with deep insight into the activities of users. Analytics is a crucial feature that allows you to keep track of the preferences and activities of participants, their progress, and the engagement of participants as speaking moderators.

Look for a tool that offers engagement tracking and makes use of this feature. It could be an insight into the impact of your webinar on your viewers.

Video Streaming and Recording

How do you record your video? Is it streaming live? Video has advanced a lot in the past few years (and even recently). Virtual webinar platforms must take advantage of these advances in technology and make it simple for you to include videos in your presentation.

The video should be simple for you to upload and also be easy for viewers to view. 

Mobile Access

How often do you sit down in front of your computer since you’ve got an iPhone? This is the same for your audience. While certain viewers may be on a desktop there is a good chance that an overwhelming number of people are watching your show while on their mobiles.

You must be able to offer mobile-friendly access that is as simple to use from a smartphone or tablet as it is from a desktop computer. A platform that isn’t mobile-friendly or doesn’t provide an app for mobile that is native currently won’t meet the requirements of your users or expect.

White Labelling or Branding 

If you’re engaging with your audience, which brand do you expect your audience to remember? Are you looking for the name that is etched in the viewers’ minds to be the webinar platform’s brand or your own?

The option of white labelling must be readily available to apply your own branding to all the webinars you provide. Should it not be, the result could be that your webinars end up appearing to be an advert for a company that isn’t really one.

Polls and Surveys

It is possible to conduct opinion polls or surveys during the webinar in order to get to know your audience better or get some data on what they’re experiencing during the session and the improvements they’d like to make. Make sure your webinar platform for online webinars comes with this built-in feature.

Campaign Tracking

In most cases, your webinar is part of a larger undertaking. Campaign tracking can provide you with information about how your webinar is performing on its own and as part of the larger scheme, too.


The most important aspect of selecting virtual webinar platforms is to find an option that permits the presentation of information in an easy and straightforward way. The features listed above could appear to be “must haves,” but they’re not worth much without a user-friendly interface that connects them all together. Additionally, the platform needs to have a recording feature for using that as on-demand webinars

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