The Different Kinds of Electric Scooters That You Can Buy

Electric scooters are personal electric mobility devices that have recently gained popularity as an alternative mode of transportation. Some of the reasons why people start riding electric scooters include convenience, transportation savings, and an eco-friendly impact on the environment. However, with so many brands, models, and kinds of electric scooters in the market, which one should you choose?


This quick electric scooter guide lists down the different electric scooters for adults that you can buy. The list includes e-scooter categories by price and by use, so you can buy the right electric scooter for you.


Types of Electric Scooters by Price

1. Budget E-scooters

As its name suggests, budget electric scooters offer the most affordable kind of electric scooter in the market. These electric scooters usually cost around $300 and below, making them affordable, especially for low-income riders. Usually, budget electric scooters consist of the basic features and technology such as a small display screen and a 250W motor power or less.


However, given its price point, budget electric scooters are generally not as durable as more expensive e-scooters. Basically, you get what you pay for. Because of this, budget e-scooters are best for occasional short commutes.

2. Commuter E-scooters

Commuter electric scooters are the most common kind of electric scooter that you will see in public. This e-scooter ranges from $300 to around $1200, depending on the brand, quality, and features. When buying commuter e-scooters at this price range, make sure if you get the quality and features that you will pay for to make your purchase worth it. Popular commuter electric scooters are the Xiaomi Mi M365 and the Segway Ninebot MAX.

3. High-performance E-scooters

High-performance electric scooters offer the highest specs, durability, and quality among electric scooters, so they are more expensive than regular e-scooters. Riders will need to spend over $1200 to buy a high-performance e-scooter, which are usually an off-roading electric scooter. Although these kinds of electric scooters are expensive, they offer the best value for money as you get the latest technology, advanced features, and extreme durability.


Types of Electric Scooter by Use

1. Foldable Electric Scooters

Most electric scooters are foldable electric scooters since they provide a folding mechanism. This mechanism makes it easy to fold the stem, lock it into place, and carry it after riding. Commuters who want a portable electric scooter should always opt for one that has a folding feature since it will make riding on public transportation easier and more convenient. Only a few e-scooters like the Bird One electric scooter don’t offer a foldable stem.

2. Commuter Electric Scooters

As mentioned, this is the most common type of electric scooter for adults. They offer a good balance in terms of price, quality, and comfort, making them a popular choice. Some commuter electric scooters are also long-range electric scooters, which offer a longer range than most e-scooters. Budget electric scooters are also considered commuter e-scooters since they can ride on most footpaths. However, regular commuter e-scooters offer more features and better ride quality.

3. Off-roading Electric Scooters

Off-road electric scooters are large, heavy, and durable electric scooters that are built for riding on all kinds of terrain. It provides a high motor power and battery capacity resulting in a higher max speed and longer max range. 


Since it’s tough, it can ride on rough paths, off-road tracks, muddy paths, and steep inclines. It is also the best electric scooter for adults weighing over 100 kg since off-roading e-scooters often have a higher load capacity. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance e-scooter, look for an off-roading e-scooter.

4. Fat Tyre Electric Scooters

Fat tyre electric scooters are also similar to off-road electric scooters in terms of power and performance. The main difference is in their design as fat tyre e-scooters sport wide and large tyres. These tyres make it easier to ride off-road and offer better ride quality. After all, it will keep you stable while riding due to its wide tyres. However, since the tyres are heavy, these are not portable e-scooters. If you don’t need to carry your electric scooter, then this is a good choice for everyday commutes and off-road riding.

5. Three-wheeled Electric Scooters

As its name suggests, three-wheeled electric scooters sport a three-wheel design. This kind of electric scooter is rare to see among adult electric scooters. Instead, this design is often seen in kid scooters. 


Riding a three-wheeled e-scooter allows for a better balance and safer cornering. However, it also has disadvantages like being slightly heavier and less compact. Nonetheless, this is a good e-scooter to have, especially for beginners who have a difficult time balancing on two-wheeled e-scooters.

Know the right kind of electric scooter to buy

Now that you know how much an electric scooter may cost and what types of electric scooters are available, use this guide to determine the right electric scooter for you. Remember that the right electric scooter for you is the one that caters to your needs and suits your lifestyle. 


So, you don’t have to buy an expensive e-scooter if you don’t need most of its features, and you don’t have to settle for a cheaper e-scooter if you need a more durable e-scooter. Determine your needs and lifestyle to buy the right kind of electric scooter for you.

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