The Best Gift Ever

Tuesday November 16th marked the 10th anniversary of my maternal grandmother’s death.

I couldn’t have asked for a better grandmother though I didn’t always appreciate just how lucky I was to have somebody love me as much as Nana did.

She would give me what she would call “love pats” and sometimes I would catch her just looking at me.  I used to think she was nuts with all the affection but looking back, I understand that was just Nana’s unique way of showing her love.

When it was discovered that she had terminal cancer, I flew up with my mother to visit with her one last time.

It was the best time I think we had together despite the circumstances.  I would take Nana for rides around the nursing home (other health issues led to be placed there).  There were bird cages throughout the home and Nana would have me stopped so that she could watch them.  There was this small hill near the entrance to the Physical Therapy area.  I would often run up and down the hill.  Each time Nana would go “Whee”!  Sometimes she would raise her hands in the air.

Near the end of the trip, I apologized for the times I was mean to her.

She said, ” It’s okay.   You were just a kid “.

I say this humbly but I’m so blessed to have had somebody love me as much as Nana did.

If you have somebody who loves you like this…

Consider yourself lucky because you have been given one of the best gifts ever.


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