The Art of Reciprocation: A Winning Job Search Strategy

The Art of Reciprocation A Winning Job Search Strategy

Everyone wants something. Many people on social media want to tell or sell you something. They tell you all about their wonderful life or their awesome product and services. They even show you well-put-together videos. While there is nothing wrong with that, as such, not everybody is currently in the market for that type of lifestyle or that particular product or service. When it is repeated over and over again, it can be annoying.

Now imagine how hiring managers or recruiters may feel as complete strangers come up to them, virtually or in real-life, and say, “I hear you’re looking for new employees to fill positions. No, I don’t have all the qualifications. No, I haven’t looked into your company’s culture. No, I don’t know what you’re doing now. I need a job and I know you’re hiring.” Maybe they don’t say it in so many words but they are telling the hiring managers or recruiters what they want and that they’re desperate.

Here’s another approach for job seekers that may lead to a win-win for all concerned. It has a few steps to it. It will take some effort. If all goes well, results will speak for themselves.

Step 1: Make sure you have your resume up-to-date. Not only with your latest position but one that is ATS compliant.

Step 2: Have a presentable LinkedIn profile. That means a professional-looking personal image. Just you, nothing that will distract from you. A background that represents what it is that you want to do. Canva can be an awesome source for that. A well-written headline that clearly describes your expertise and contains relevant keywords to help hiring teams find you on LinkedIn. An “about you” section that indicates what you’ve done in the past that could be relevant to what you’d like to do for a future employer. Be sure to either proofread it yourself or have a trusted friend to proofread it for you.

Step 3: Network through engaging on posts on your LinkedIn feed. You aren’t there to say. “I want a job, hire me” or any variation thereof. You’re there to read the post, “like” or otherwise react to it, and if you have something valuable to add to the conversation, do so in the comments. Your presence is meant to support the author of the post.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on multiple posts taking note if the author of the post provides recommendations of people to follow or connect with. Follow those people. If you feel a strong pull to connect with someone, you should add a note indicating where you saw them mentioned. Again, you’re supporting the author of the post’s effort to get a message out. In the meantime, you’re also gaining new people and information in your LinkedIn feed. If there are businesses mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to follow them as well.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 on several posts throughout your feed as often as you can work into your daily schedule. Maintain a level of professionalism that you would like to see displayed if you were visiting a place of business… say a grocery store. You wouldn’t want someone coming up to you forcing food down your throat, so don’t force your unwanted opinions down anyone else’s.

Side Step A: If there are any posts that contain job positions that aren’t in your area of expertise, “like” or “support” them. You never know, someone in your growing extended network may be looking for something similar or knows someone that’s looking for something in that particular field. Again, this isn’t the place to say, hire me, I’m desperate.

Side Step B: If you come to a post that invites job seekers to share what type of position they are looking for, this is the time to provide a brief summary of what you would like to do. This is where your professional-looking profile and up-to-date resume can come into play. Some posts’ authors may ask for a link to your profile or an image of your resume. By having them looking sharp, you are more likely to be contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager who is also looking at those posts.

Side Step C: You never know who may be watching from the sidelines. They may never react or comment on any posts that you have visited. They could be intrigued by you and wish to see your activity and responses. One of these people could be a recruiter from a company that you’ve felt like you didn’t dare dream of working for but secretly wished you could. This is another reason why you need to present yourself professionally on all levels.

There are absolutely no guarantees that you’ll get your dream job. There’s also nothing that says that things will happen overnight. The more you help others out, the more that you are visible, the more likely your patience and effort will be rewarded.

If you need assistance getting your resume sharp or any other career readiness advice, stop by @Jobready2dey. Helping others shine makes our day that much brighter.

Note: The advice provided is not all inclusive. Your situation may be unique and require more than this article covers. Please consult with Jobready2dey for assistance to ensure you are in the best position to succeed.

Article Credit: Lynn Hallbrooks is a Certified Career Coach and the Staff Writer at Jobready2dey. She is a seasoned content creator and has a wealth of experience navigating the troubled waters of today’s job search. Through her extensive training, field experience and passion for lifting job seekers, she endeavors to help job seekers become Jobready2dey!



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