Terry Bean

Terry Bean is the SPN member of the week due to his history of paying it forward and helping others. His book, Be Connected, is a guide on how to network better.

Craig Wasilchak: Above all Terry, the readers would like to understand what is your true mission here on social media?

Terry Bean: My social media mission is 3 fold.
1. Social media improves my ability to help others due to how easy it is to connect. You can connect with more people faster online and do so without geographic limitations. Connecting online is a great way to figure out which people you should develop deeper relationships with.
2. Social Media is also a great way to extend my personal and professional brand. I use social media, so people have an easier time finding me through the content I share. Effective social media use also helps you stay relevant and remain in front of your audience.
3. Learning through platforms is a great way to learn. You can connect with or follow experts, your competitors and anyone else who can help you grow.

Craig Wasilchak: In addition to the serious side of your life, Do you have a fun or unique unknown gift or talent that you can share with everyone?

Terry Bean: I can listen to anyone talk about anything for like 5 minutes straight without interrupting them.

Craig Wasilchak: Tell me about you and your business, therefore we can get to know you better.

Terry Bean: Onenie.com is a publishing company. We focus on creating and co-producing shows, events, podcasts, concerts and other pieces of content that people find interesting.

We do this to provide the brands we work with new ways to reach their target customers through sponsorship and other strategic relationships.
We also network with influencers and consult with SMBs (small-medium business) to help them succeed.

Terry has always been a people person. He also understood the value of having a strong network early on in life.  This was due to his strong observation and listening skills that he is now known for.

Networking was also an important part of his job as a headhunter in the beginning of his career. His natural networking skills became some of his best professional tools, so he hones them.

Terry made the decision to return home to Detroit in 2000 and began building his current network. It turns out that was one of the best decisions in his life.

He was making new connections like crazy by engaging a lot online and at community events. His drive and activity led to him starting Motor City Connect in 2006.

Motor City Connect is one of the first networking groups to have live events and a social network website. It wasn’t long before Terry began producing TEDx conferences. Terry’s conferences are also among the long-running and largest TEDx has had.

His activism and work even led to an award from President Obama, so this is interview is an honor for me.


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  • Thank you @craigwasilchak! Another great article on an SPN member. @trybean – Thank you for opening up and sharing more about yourself! The article does give us a peak at who you are as a person and what it is you do. My favorite line in the article is “I never learned anything new with my mouth open.” I have never heard that before and I am letting you know now that I am going to use it!!! LOL Now, make sure and check all your notifications and accept all those requests to connect!!!

    David Smith

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