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Want to write for us? Anyone can create an account for free and publish a blog.

We will also gladly publish original content that entertains, educates, or inspires in the Contributors’ Corner. We are always looking for quality quest posts to highlight in the contributors’ corner!

SPN is also glad to see members post their own blogs as guest posts. We will select blogs from the members for the corner as well. Any blog that follows the guidelines below will make it to the featured sections.

This website gets a lot of page views every month so becoming an SPN contributor is a great way to build your brand. The Contributor’s Corner is a category that gets shown a lot on the right sidebar, so your content may get a lot of views.

If you want to submit content for publishing just create a FREE SPN account and submit content that follows the guidelines below.

We are always looking to share interesting content with SPN members on this site or the social media groups and search engines. SPN does post the latest contributor content on the LinkedIn and Facebook company pages too!

If you feel your content is interesting, entertaining, educational or helpful someway then we want to see it. The content must be SEO friendly so please read to below to learn what we are looking for.

If you want to submit content to SPN this article will help you understand the way to do it. Learn how to submit content to SPN here:

SPN contributor guidelines

We know there’s a lot to process, so here are CliffsNotes on the SPN contributor guidelines :

  1. We are looking for original content. Stories that have been done hundreds of times hold no interest to us. It has to be different.
  2. Back up what you say with factual information, personal stories, and well-known examples. Mix in published research with links to your sources.
  3. Do not submit content that is published anywhere else. You will be banned as a contributor. Articles must be original and exclusive. We don’t want old book reports or blogs.
  4. You must disclose if you took any payment for mentioning a person or business in the article. If you have a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies that you mention you need to disclose it.

Being a contributor to the Service Professionals Network is something to be proud of. Please read through these guidelines and expectations prior to submitting content for publication. You can submit articles through our info-at-email address anytime.

Make sure to  also check out the SPN distribution standards.

What we want from SPN contributor writers

Length: We will not consider anything less than 500 words for any reason. Pieces running between 700-800 words are great, but longer is OK if the content is good. Submissions more than 1,200 words are usually too much.

Topics: SPN is looking for content that educates, entertains and motivates people to make the world around them better. Articles that inspire, teach and give actionable advice are likely to go live on the site. Sales, business and life tips are great. We are less likely to publish political or religious pieces at this time unless they are really good.

Unique content: We do not want unoriginal content of any kind. If it is online somewhere we do not want it. Do internet searches on your topic and make sure you are offering a unique perspective or take-away.

What is your personal experience? Did your trials and tribulations teach you more than the most? How do you see things differently? Tell us a good story.

What is something only you can write for SPN? Do you have special insight into your industry, marketing trends, financial news or anything like that? If you have insights you think can change the world feel free to submit your article to our info-at-email address.

Submit content that is actionable & trustworthy

Is It Actionable: Stories that don’t teach or offer something readers can apply to their lives probably won’t be approved for publication. Advice is tidbits of information that users can put into action as soon as they read it. If you have solutions to common problems or communication issues our readers will most likely love your article. Therefore, we will most likely publish it.

Is It Trustworthy: Wikipedia is a great reference for some definitions of certain terms, but it also crowd-sources information. Cite credible websites and sources of information to boost your odds of getting your article to print. Your website link in the about author section is one thing, but choose other info sources for your article. Trusted sites with additional information on your topic are good to cite.

Influencer Interviews: Before you schedule or do an interview for your article contact us, so you do not waste time. SPN does not want duplicate articles and we will not publish interviews on people that are not known influencers unless they are doing something special to help the world. We will also highlight members of the #SPN social media groups on occasion.

*SPN does not employ contributors, so do not represent otherwise. You can say you are a contributor to SPN if you have a published post.

Things to do prior to submitting an article

Ask to be a contributor. Every user of this site can be made a contributor. We do not publish posts that don’t make the grade.

Proofread your article. The easier you make it on the editors of SPN the more likely your article is to be published. We will not accept articles with a ton of typos, spelling errors or bad grammar. The SPN team will not accept articles without proper capitalization, grammar or punctuation. Check your article a few times prior to submitting it.

Make sure it is original work. We do not want articles that are anything but original. Anyone that sends us content that was online somewhere prior to submitting us the article will get banned.

Backlink your sources. Having links to back up your information will give your writing a boost. It will provide more credibility and improve your odds to get your content on SPN. If you don’t cite sources your article will not go to print. Disclose who you are interviewing, quoting or citing every time. We want to know who said it first.

Disclose any and all financial ties. If you are getting paid to do a marketing piece about someone and your article goes to print you need to disclose it. Disclosing your financial ties is very important to SPN and our readers. Contributors that do not disclose payments or financial dealings to SPN and our readers will be banned. If you have questions about this, then contact us. Win-Win marketing and networking deals should be disclosed as well. SPN reserves the right to not publish any article at any time. We can also take down articles at any time, so keep that in mind, if you are trying to sell links on our site.

Submit content in the right format

Tell us if it is time-sensitive. Articles with a trending topic or time requirements might move up in the line depending on the piece. It is also best to let editors know when you submit the content if it is time-sensitive.

Don’t overdo the self-promotional stuff. By all means mention your company, skills or anything that may show your expertise. It is great if this info helps tell your story or verify your knowledge. The idea is to provide education more than advertising. Articles that promote too much won’t be likely to make it through the cut. One or two links to your business, Amazon products or whatever is cool, but we will delete excessive links.

Use Microsoft Word: We will only accept articles in word format with appropriate hyperlinking at this time. We don’t want to cut and paste things before we consider them for publication. We also do not want to do your hyperlinking.

For your author profile: Go to our contributor tab and look at what we expect. Submit your image, links, and bio to the info-at-email address.

What to expect after you submit content

  1. SPN does get a large volume of submissions, so please expect a response with 4-8 weeks. Any submissions over two months old are unlikely to print.
  2. If we approve your article we need a headshot (high quality only) and a couple of sentences for your bio. We can also post your social media links and hyperlinks to books for sale or your website.
  3. Accepted articles will also most likely require edits or revisions. We will send back suggestions with your article if it makes it into serious consideration. Once you make changes you can resubmit the article for further review. You will receive an email alert when your piece runs.
  4. Once we approve the article for posting we will message you to let you know, so you can promote it.

Style matters

  • Punctuation matters, so be mindful of where you place commas, exclamation points and no use of emojis.
  • No double space after sentences or excessive spacing between paragraphs.
  • You need to include commas, periods, exclamation or question marks to go inside quotes.
  • We will not do the hyperlinking for you. Do not post your URLs next to words you want us to hyperlink for you.
  • Don’t use paragraphs that are longer than 150 words.
  • Do not use a lot of one-line paragraphs. Two to Three sentences are ideal for a paragraph.
  • Avoid having more than 300 words between subheadings.
  • Use subheadings (h2 headings) to break up your article and illustrate different points.
  • Be mindful of how you use abbreviations, acronyms and jargon our audience might now be familiar with. Spell things out as much as possible and avoid acronyms that may have double meanings.
  • Do not use links in subheadings or excessively throughout your article.
  • Don’t make it all about the women or the men. If you must use “he” or “she” to illustrate a point do so. However, pluralizing your pronouns will go help your article resonate more with both genders. Words like “they,” “them” or “they” often work much better than “he” or “she”.
  • Consistency matters. Make your story and style consistent and easy to follow.
  • Don’t kick a dead horse. Avoid using the same words and making the same points repeatedly.
  • The only time you write out numbers that are larger than 10 is at the beginning of a sentence. The only time you write out numbers under ten is when they appear with the word percent.

Thank you for being part of SPN. We also want to thank you for taking the time to learn how to submit content to SPN.

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  1. Michael, you guidelines for contributing content are first-rate. A lot of people can write substantive and readable copy, if they just make the effort. And if they can’t be bothered to produce quality content, well, they should be doing something else. The idea of letting a pile of junk onto a site has always baffled me. I guess it baffles Google as well, these days. Since they have human readers on staff rating sites according to content matrices. Cheers!