Stay Humble In The Spotlight

Be Willing To Learn.

In my training days every so often people would come into the gym with an ego and talk mad smack about what they were going to do to everyone in the gym They would challenge the master caption id=attachment 86420 align=alignright width=150<a href=httpsserviceprofessionalsnetworkcommembersspnlocalprofile target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer><img class=wp image 86420 size thumbnail src=httpsserviceprofessionalsnetworkcomwp contentuploads202011Ready to fight 150x150jpg alt=There Was A DayLOL width=150 height=150 ><a> Connect with mecaption Some of them were legitimately tough people There were national champion wrestlers There were world class boxers There were even a few cocky BJJ players Some of them were very well known for what they did Their fans thought they walked on water Most of them left really humbled I trained at many gyms around the Midwest over the course of 20 years or so The story plays out over and over everywhere you go The moral of the story is be humble and follow the golden rule There are many times when the master doesnt look all that badass anymore Never mess with a master or the master may just mess with you Be nice to everyone and become a true master of yourself first Youll never be a true master without mastering yourself first Your old master may not even know what the master before you forgot and you can never tell a master just by appearances alone Thanks for reading Have a great day inspired by video width=1080 height=1080 mp4=httpsserviceprofessionalsnetworkcomwp contentuploads202011Be True In The Dark Humble In The SpotLight mp4video

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  1. If Pride is the principle sin, then Humility is the power which defeats the principle sin. Pride kicked Lucifer out of heaven, humility made Simon Peter shine in the eyes of Christ, ““Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”, it was this fisherman who He picked to lead his ministry. Well said my friend, humility is the jewel atop the truly accomplished.