Alaska became the 49th State of the United States Of America on January 3, 1959. Its the home to Mount Shishaldin.

The still smoldering volcano rises to 10,000 feet and it’s the most perfect volcanic cone on Earth. Of the 20 highest peaks in the U.S., 17 are in Alaska, including the highest peak in North America (20,320 feet above sea level), Denali. Alaska is known for being cold, but it also has more than 100 volcanos that have been active in the last 2 million years.

Alaska is a U.S. state in the Western United States, on the northwest extremity of the country’s west coast. We are always looking to add more SPN members in Alaska, so list your business.

Capital: Juneau


  • University of Alaska
  • Alaska Pacific University
  • Alaska Bible College
Population         731,545 (2019)
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