SPN Distribution Standards

SPN is a social media networking and open publishing platform where anyone is welcome to create, publish, and share content. All content that is published on SPN has its own unique and shareable URL, which also includes all social media activity .

The SPN admins are regularly reviewing the content on this social media networking and publishing website. We will select those that meet our standards for the Contributors’ Corner. The content in the Contributors’ Corner gets additional distribution in the SPN homepage, sidebar, social media, email, and more.

Read this article on how to submit content to learn more about what type of content we are looking for. The article on how to submit content will also tell you about how we evaluate the writing content and layout of blogs.

We need guest posts and want you to write for us, but we also want quality.

Learn  more about what a guest post is.

We like to promote quality writing

SPN values quality over quantity and we like to promote quality writing. We want to read your unique perspectives, life-stories, and new ideas. Our readers do too!

Here are some things that we consider when selecting content to promote:

  • Does the content meet a high editorial and SEO standard? – Anything that we promote needs to be well-written, free of errors, easy to follow, appropriately sourced, and interesting. It also has to have a cover photo and SEO-friendly layout (minimum 300 words, links, and subtitles).
  • Does it provide value to the reader? – We are looking for content that shares new insights, perspectives, great advice, helpful tips, and food for thought.  If your content stirs thought or emotion then we want to see it and share it.
  • Is it entertaining to read?  – There is a lot of content that shares great advice, but it’s not fun to read. We want to promote writing that has the reader in mind. Your writing should leave the reader with the feeling that they got some value/
  • Does it tell a complete story? – Will the reader leave satisfied? Are there any questions left unanswered? A reader shouldn’t feel like there is more to the story when they’re done reading your article. We are looking for articles for tell a complete story or make a concise point.
  • Is it fact or fiction? – We like fiction and factual pieces. We don’t like those two different styles mixed together very often. Your claims need to stand up to scrutiny and you need to cite your sources for consideration.
  • Honesty matters  – We will remove any content that we deem to be untruthful or dishonest. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Formatting matters – People that read a lot on the internet expect a reader friendly experience. Make sure that your content is properly formatted for both mobile and desktop.  Make sure it has a clear, short, and relevant headline that lets the reader know what the story is about. The entire blog needs to be easy to read. You must use correct punctuation, spacing, and styling to have your articles considered for the Contributor’s Corner and SPN distribution.
  • Typo and error free  – We will help edit small typos and errors, but we will not consider content that is full of typos and errors for distribution.
  • SPN appropriate – This site does have some NSFW content. However, we do not want inappropriate content in our contributors’ corner.

Contributors’ Corner distribution disqualifications

Content that contains any of the issues below will not be considered for additional distribution.

Content that violates SPN’s Terms And Conditions, including:

  • No third-party advertising. You can promote your own products or services.
  • Plagiarism. We don’t believe in borrowing content. If you use someone else’s words or content they must get credit.
  • Unoriginal or duplicate content. We only consider original content for further distribution.
  • Tracking code or other malicious embeds. You can not collect user information.
  • Undisclosed affiliate links.
  • No hate speech. No content that attacks others will be allowed.
  • Conspiracy theories.
  • Unsubstantiated accusations of illegal or unethical behavior.
  • Nudity – There is no nudity allowed in featured images and any nudity must be appropriate and neccessary for the story. Nudity must be tasteful and done with the purpose of adding value to the reader. No gratuitous nudity.
  • Promotion of self-harm, suicide, unhealthy living, or eating disorders.
  • Content that intimidates or harrasses others.
  • Violent, graphic, or offensive images or videos.
  • Pseudoscience or questionable health/medical/diet claims.
  • Including personal or private information of other people without permission (includes personal communications – screenshots).

No CTAs allowed in SPN Blogs

SPN members are free to use their profile, bio, and social media activity for their call-to-action (CTAs) or however they wish. If your blog is all about your business or CTAs, then it might get deleted. This includes blogs about your business, social media profiles, crowdfunding, first-person promotion, sponsors, and everything that isn’t part of an interesting story. Your blogs can bring up your business or do some self-promotion, but any CTAs should not be more than 10-20% of the total blog. We don’t want SPAM in our blog.

No clickbait

Clickbait doesn’t help anyone. SPN wants to promote value over views. You can use clickbait, but we will not promote it. Clickbait titles can exploit a reader’s  worries, insecurities, and emotional state. They can also use really power featured images or titles than their content supports. Titles or claims that seem too good to be true are clickbait. We don’t support or promote anything that withholds context or misleads our SPN members.

Titles are meant to capture the reader’s attention, but the content should also deliver the value.

Content we won’t consider for distribution

  • Anything about the Service Professionals Network (SPN)
  • Sponsored Content
  • Content Marketing – blogs whole sole purpose is to sell something or garner traffic
  • Press releases
  • Erotica or porn
  • Inflammatory business reviews
  • Anything that doesn’t fit the style or rules in our how to Submit Content article

Other reasons SPN won’t distribute your content include

  • Links in headlines or excessive outbound links.
  • Partial or clipped stories whose sole purpose is to direct traffic to other sites.
  • Copyrighted images.  You should only use images they have the rights for and cite their sources. There are many free resources that you can use for royalty-free images including Nappy, PexelsPixabay, and Unsplash. Publishers are responsible for the images that they use, so make sure to only use images you have rights to.
  • Ad-hominem attacks

** If you write a decent blog with an outbound link or two, we may publish it, if you have a business listing in the directoryinclude an internal link or two, and don’t excessing tag or categorize your post. You can use internal links to your SPN profile or any other page of the site to fulfill this requirement.

We encourage everyone that follows the golden rule to log in or sign up to SPN to share their writing skills with us.