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If you ask a million different experts to define “social media marketing & networking”, you will get a million completely different answers. Most of them would agree that social media marketing involves using social media platforms to sell their products or services.

Answers really begin to vary when you add the word networking into the mix with social media marketing. Digital marketing is a dominant term used to describe social media marketing & networking. Social media marketing and networking is becoming more popular with practitioners and researchers because it’s a little more specific. Digital marketing includes everything from content (images, videos, and more) where as the term “social media marketing & networking” focuses more on how to use different platforms together.

Companies and individuals alike can make a lot of money with the right social media marketing and networking strategies. Most social media marketers use analytics and data to track the progress, success, and engagement for their campaigns. Anyone can use social media marketing and networking to create a business and build a brand.

How SPN can help with your social media marketing & networking

This social media website was made to help people get better marketing and networking results from their other platforms. It was also made to help people get more views through Google and direct traffic our members. Our only real rule on this site is the Golden Rule. Treat people with common courtesy and don’t do things to disrupt the site or enjoyment of other users.

This website allows users to post their content in the activity feed, groups, or business directory. Users can also write blogs that link through the site. The user-generated blogs also rank in the search engines. Write for us as a contributor or as a subscriber. Anyone can write a blog on their profile or submit content to our contributors’ corner.

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Social & Professional Networking Website

This social and professional networking website will allow users to do anything from make friends to build their business a little easier. User can use this site to focus on social or professional networking. Entrepreneurs can use this site to share their website and social media links. Business owners can also add a listing to the directory for free. Every page of this website gets traffic from different source’s.

This website gets millions of page views every month so any thing you share here will be seen. SPN can also help your website rank better online.  We can also help you get more views on other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, MySpace, LinkedIn, and SnapChat. We have groups for most of these sites where you can share your content and meet other users of those platforms. We also have social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that you join. SPN is here to help you network from one social media site to the next.

Create a free social media profile. List your business in the business directory. Share your content in the social media groups. Most importantly, have fun and make some friends and real business connections on SPN!

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