Sobro Cooler Coffee Table



The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table gets its name due to the refrigerator drawer. However, it also has Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports and LED lights across the bottom. It would be so hard to find a cooler coffee table for your living area or man-cave. The refrigerator works off a compressor like a fridge in your kitchen. It also has tabletop controls to allow you to set the temperature, turn on the lights, and enjoy the party.

This coffee table is perfect for parties, Sunday football, or just relaxing without having to go get drinks. The refrigerator drawer holds plenty of beverages to get the party started. Its Bluetooth speakers can also hook up to your Smart TV to enable better sound quality. Charging ports and a pair of 110v outlets on the side of the table and two storage drawers so you can hide remotes or whatever else make this table completely insane.

Anyone that gets the Sobro Cooler Coffee Table will most likely love it and the person that got it for them. It’s a great gift for the man-cave, home, and office.

Sobro Coffee Table with Refrigerator Drawer Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights, and USB Charging Ports …on Amazon for $1,299.00.
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