SITA Introduces eVisa and Electronic Travel Authorisation.

The mobile capability of SITA’s new eVISA and ETA allows travelers to make applications and provide their biometric information using their personal devices before traveling.

This solution is simpler, easier, and more promising, consuming less time and energy as compared to the more complex traditional option or the on-arrival visas.

The mobile app also creates ICAO, which is the latest digital travel compliant travel credential, a novel technology in digital identification system for travelers.

The advantages of eViSA and ETA include improved security, reduced vetting processes, and an increase in visitor flows, which ultimately help to increase revenue in the tourism sector and related employment.

Jeremy Springall, head of SITA at Borders, said, “Adopting eVisa and ETA supports national prosperity.” We’ve productized our proven and robust travel authorization systems to benefit more nations around the world as they shift to digitalize and future-proof their borders. The solutions help countries to cope with growing passenger volumes, improve security and efficiency, and deliver a more seamless travel experience that travelers demand, while removing the complexities of applying for traditional visas”

According to WTTC, traditional visas, which are applications made at an embassy or consulate, have decreased from 77% to 53% in 2008. This indicates a huge demand for these digital travel solutions.

Sumesh Patel, president-Asia Pacific at SITA, told TTG Asia that moving these pre-trip processes online helps governments better manage their immigration procedures in the face of current reopening challenges, which can range from safe distancing requirements to labor shortages.

This solution will also address bag loss. Due to the enormous pressures on airports, airlines, and passengers, the number of lost bags increased by 20% between 2020 and 2021.

This is mainly due to the shortage of staff required to manage the baggage transfer, “said Patel.

Patel believes that reducing travelers stress and reducing airport processing times will create an impressive start to the journey and shape travelers’ perception of any country they visit


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