Shark OFF Shark Repellent Bracelet

The Shark OFF Shark Repellent Bracelet is something that gets my attention more now that I live in Tampa Bay, Florida.  They say Shark OFF is like “kryptonite for sharks!” That puts it on top of my list for great gifts for beach lovers!

If you know someone that is a surfer, diver, boater or swimmer of the oceans then you should buy them a Shark OFF Shark Repellent Bracelet. Unless you don’t like them. In that case, send them some bacon flavor body lotion or something. Seriously, though it works so you should consider this for anyone you don’t want to be shark food. They also donate a little bit from every purchase to help nonprofits that are cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch.

This bracelet also fits anyone from kids to adults with ankles or wrists from 6 to 17 inches around (15cm to 43cm). If you pull the cord knots it will loosen so you can take it off. To tighten it, you just have to pull the ends. This Shark OFF bracelet also has over a dozen years of science recognized by NOAA! Totally harmless to humans, sharks, rays, and all marine life.

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Shark OFF – The Bimini – Shark Repellent Surfwear Jewelry, Repel Sharks with Our Proven, Patented, Proprietary Technology, Looks Great, Fits The Whole Family, Must-Have Beach Essential…$29.95 on Amazon.

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