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If you have any questions about SPN or our marketing services or want to sign up for a service, create an account and message Mike O’Connor directly. We are glad to welcome new sponsors and help any small business do better.

Make sure to read our Affiliate Marketing Disclosure. Our affiliate advertising and social media marketing services are how we keep the lights on.

Our cool stuff gift guides grow every day and they also get more views.

We are willing to write marketing blogs about various products and services, especially for members that advertise products on Amazon or Ebay. You can submit products for review or contact us about creating a blog for your product.

You can submit products for review at any time. If your products are useful or cool, we will include them in our cool stuff to buy blog network at no cost. You do have to cover costs of shipping. If we don’t like the product, we won’t publish a blog.

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We have charge $100 to write a sponsored blog on SPN. These blogs will rank in the search engines. They will also provide backlinks and traffic to your site. You can send us videos, images, links, or whatever you want to put in your blog. These sponsor blogs are searchable. You can write them yourself and pay us to publish them in our business category.

We also have monthly sponsorship packages starting at $500/month. These sponsors get their blog put into the sidebar rotation.  These sponsors get tens of thousands of backlinks from SPN on top of more brand awareness and traffic to their websites.

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Warren Research Inc.

Warren Research Inc Connect with Jacob Warren, the business owner of Warren Research Inc. Jacob and his team handle IT support and development for the Service Professionals

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The sponsors also get more social media love from SPN. We tag sponsors in posts (especially on LinkedIn & Twitter) and support our sponsors on their social media channels as much as we are able. Contact us about working with SPN!