Seeking 10 Successful Business Owners for Exclusive Interviews!

Book Interview Request

I am reaching out with an exciting opportunity for select business owners to feature in the new edition of my upcoming free business e-book. As a Business Growth Strategist, I am dedicated to uncovering and sharing the most effective strategies for business success. To achieve this, I am conducting interviews with seasoned business owners who can speak on behalf of their industry, providing valuable insights and validating the principles outlined in my current book. I want to demonstrate the same strategies still apply in today’s economy.

Why Participate?

  • Impact Your Industry: Share your knowledge and experience to help shape the future of businesses in your industry.
  • Exclusive Feature: Get featured as a case study in the new edition of my book, showcasing your business insights to a broad audience.
  • Free Resource: Receive the first copy of the book, filled with strategies and insights from top business owners like yourself.
  • Contribute to Growth: Help other business owners thrive by sharing your unique insights.

Who I’m Looking For:

  • Business owners with 3+ years in the current business.
  • Businesses generating $1-5 million in annual revenue.
  • Owners committed to the growth and betterment of their industry.

Limited Opportunity: This is a unique and time-sensitive opportunity. Interviews will be conducted over the next few weeks, and spaces are limited. Don’t miss your chance to contribute to a resource that will benefit countless other businesses.

If you are interested in participating or would like to recommend someone, please reach out to me directly. Together, we can make a significant impact on the entrepreneurial community.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Warm regards,

Harold Sosna
Business Growth Strategist
Profit Propulsion Consulting

Harold Sosna, Business Growth Strategist at Profit Propulsion Consulting.
Harold Sosna, Business Growth Strategist at Profit Propulsion Consulting.
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