Saudi Arabia and Business Directories

Saudi Arabia, officially known as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a country with lots of tourist attractions and holy sites. Known for its oil production, Saudi Arabia ages back to 1932. The country has a rich Islamic heritage. It consists of numerous museums that are located in different cities. The country has some of the world’s largest natural environments like Rub’ Al Khali Sand Desert and Al-Ahsa oasis, and many other locations worth visiting. Saudi Arabia lies at latitude 24° 16′ 0.86″ N and longitude 45° 06′ 28.26″ E. Located in Middle East Asia, it is a country that has gone through loads of growth and development. Saudi Arabia consists of many cities. The 5 major cities include:


Which is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the financial center of the country.


Also known as Makkah al-Mukarramah (Makkah the Honored) which consists of the holiest site (Masjid Al-Haram) of Islamic religion. Sacred mountains like Jabal Al Noor and Mount Arafat are also present in the city.


Also known as Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah (The Enlightened City) consists of the second holiest site (Al-Masjid An-Nabawi) of Islamic religion. The city has other Islamic holy locations like Masjid Al-Qiblatain, the Uhud Mountain, and Masjid Quba.


It’s the Commercial hub of the country where many businesses are located. The city also consists of tourist locations such as King Fahad’s Fountain, Fakieh Aquarium and Nassif House Museum.


This city consists of major oil production company of Saudi Arabia. It also has some sites to visit such as The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture and Mall of Dhahran.

Jubail and Yanbu industrial area:

Consists of Industrial plants and manufacturing companies. These coastal areas consist of ports from where oil and gas is shipped to other countries.

Saudi Arabia has a major part in the world economy. The country produces Crude Petroleum, Petroleum Gas, Raw Aluminum, Ethylene Polymers, Gold, Packaged Medicaments and many more products that help the country for a stable economy.

As we know import and export is a major part of a country’s economy. Let’s give you some information on Import and Export Trades

Import Export Trades and Products

Import means to acquire goods and services from another country while export means to provide or sell goods and services to another country. Import and export trade and products refers to companies that trade goods or buy/sell products from another company in a foreign country. Import and export influences a country’s economy and exchange rates. High number of imports can decrease the value of a country’s currency but at the same time imports are required for many small businesses to keep running. On the other hand, exports can have disadvantages but mainly advantages like growth and expansion of businesses through access to global markets.

Saudi Arabia consists of a variety of companies and businesses and most of them are listed on business directories.

What is a business directory?

A business directory is a printed list or a website which consists of different kinds of businesses that are categorized according to their location, type, services, size etc. A person can view these printed lists or websites to find the required business and acquire information about them. Listing a business in an online business directory helps the business to get online presence and visibility. It also helps the business to rank higher in the search engines.

Business Listing

Business listing is an essential step to grow your online presence. When you list your business online, it will be available to millions of people on the internet and many of them could be potential clients/customers. You can list your business to your local business directory or a global directory like yellow pages by providing information like contact no of your business, email address, location, logo, website, and description about your business.

Types of directories:

B2B (business to business) Directory

A B2B directory consists of businesses that provide/share information, services, and products between businesses. Therefore if a business is looking to get information, services or products from another business, they will look for it in the B2B directory.   

Professional Directory

A professional directory consists of data of individuals with a profession such as accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, engineers, technicians etc. Professional directory will help you find the right person with a specific profession along with their contact information, location, timings and description about them.

Trade Directory

Trade directory is a directory which consists of list of businesses that a person may want to find. The business could be a local one or a one which provides services globally. They are categorized according to their location, type, services, size etc. Trade directory is also simply known as business directory. There are many business directory websites on the internet on which one can find or list a business.

Real Estate Directory

A Real Estate directory website can consist of list of commercial real estate brokers, real estate agents, property developers or properties that you can find in your local area or city. You can select areas in which you want to find a property or you can find real estate companies each with complete contact details, hours and related information.  

Job Directory

In a website of job directory, one can list its company or business which is looking for hiring people. A person looking for a job can visit these websites and search for hiring opportunities in his respective role. On the other hand job seekers can also create their profile in these websites and companies can look for required talents by using search options. These websites are highly useful for both the businesses and job seekers.

Restaurant/Hotels Directory

Restaurant directory websites consists of list of data about restaurants. Restaurants with different categories can be found in these websites. Restaurant timings, menus, open hours, contact details and reviews are also available for each restaurant. Similarly Hotel Directory websites will contain list of hotels. you can find the most suitable hotel for yourself on Hotel Directory websites.

Events directory/Online events portal

In an events directory website you can list an event or view one. You can find upcoming events with their location, timing, and information about what the event is about. On the other hand an online events portal is for events that are conducted virtually through video calls. One benefit of an online event is that people can attend these events from any location with a good internet connection. One can post online events or participate in them through an online events portal.

Travel Directory

If you are looking to travel in the near future, you can visit Travel Directory websites where you can select your desired city/country and view available restaurants, hotels, tourist sites and attractions. And if you are looking to attract tourists, then you can also list your business on a Travel Directory website.

Coupons/Deals Directory

You can search for coupons/deals offered by verity of businesses in a coupons/deals directory. There are also businesses listed on these websites which offer coupon/deals for other businesses/websites. You can also list your business and post coupons/deals that you offer.  Time to save some money!

Article Directory

A website of Article Directory contains articles about different topics. People post their articles on Article Directory to gain visitors to read their articles and eventually visit their websites. But the articles written should be well researched, reader friendly (organized information), is knowledge based, and contain clarity and value. One can visit an Article Directory website to find quality article writers.   

Contact Directory

Contact Directory website has loads of contacts in their database. You can find contacts according to their location of different business, schools and individuals. Or you can add your contact in a contact directory by adding you name, email address, contact number and filling other required fields on the website.

City Directory

City Directory contains location of residents, streets, businesses, educational institutions based in a particular city. Through a City Directory people can find that who lived in particular city or area.

Automotive Directory

An Automotive directory website has a list of new car dealers, used car dealers, vehicle garage shops, rent a car businesses, vehicle spare part dealers with their contact information, location and some lines of information about their business. You can list your business related to vehicles in an automotive directory website.

Course Directory and Learning Management system (LMS)

A course directory has a verity of courses listed by an educational department. It contains the courses that the department provides along with course name, credit hours and description. If someone wants to know what courses or educational content a school, college or university provides, they will check the course directory of that institution. Now a day the concept of e-learning is increasing. E-learning means getting education through the internet (virtually). For this purpose Learning Management Systems (LMS) are provided by the educational department for e-learning. The LMS is a application which contains a complete package for the student. It has course overview, current GPA/Grades, lectures and educational content, contact and support system etc. So through LMS a student get can his education without appearing to the institution physically.

We have seen many types of directory that are available on the internet. It will be incomplete if Yellow Pages Directory is not mentioned.

Yellow Pages Directory

Yellow Pages is a website where you can find local businesses, locations, phone numbers, websites etc. Basically it connects businesses to businesses (B2B) or consumers/clients to businesses. One can find precise information about any type of business, whether it is wholesale, retail, manufacturing business or small sized business. Each business is registered and verified. Yellow Pages is available in numerous countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, UK, USA, Europe, and many more.  As it is a well-established and trusted website, It has huge number of traffic every day. Listing your business on Yellow Pages will give your business strong representation and attract potential customers.

It is not always necessary to have a full-fledged business setup to be able to list your items or services online on different types of directory websites. If you want to sell anything from your home, office, yard etc. Whether it is a cricket bat or a dining table you can post your add on Online Classified Websites.

Online Classified websites allows you to list your advertisement mostly free of charge. You can sell items by placing it in the relevant category, putting the price of your choice, condition of the item and description. Once a buyer is interested in your item, they can either send a message through the website chat system or the contact information that you provided. You can also sell services that you provide in these websites.   

There is also another niche in the online business/services/products and that is Online Marketplace Websites

Online Marketplace is a platform where buyers and sellers link. It is an E-Commerce platform in which online buying and selling is performed. Example of these websites is Amazon, Ebay or local online market place in a country like for some Middle Eastern countries or for Pakistan. These websites mostly charge small fee from the sellers which is fair, as these websites get heavy traffic of potential buyers every day. A seller can be charged upon selling an item, monthly/yearly buyer account validity fee or for any other reason. Each Online Market Place has its own policies. Sellers in these websites often sell brand new products. Most sellers act as third parties and ship the product directly from the manufacturer to the buyer. Buying products from these websites is almost safe as these websites keep check of the sellers and make sure that buyer gets their items as described and the seller is a responsible one.


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