Repair or replace a broken washing machine?

shymon appliance repair -

shymon appliance repair -

Is it worth repairing the washing machine or completely replacing it? Is there room in your budget for an expensive purchase? After all, the price of a new washing machine can fluctuate — a significant investment for any homeowner. We have selected a rating of budget washing machines in 2023, which you can find here .

Before you go shopping for new technology, ask yourself a few questions. You may find that do-it-yourself repairs are the most budget-friendly option, or you may find that replacing them will save you money and time in the long run.

Here are the questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to repair or replace a washing machine or any other large home appliance.


What is the problem?

The first step in deciding whether to repair or replace a device is to pinpoint the problem. Some washing machine repair service parts are inexpensive and easy to repair yourself, while others often require an experienced technician.

Replacing the pump of a washing machine, for example, is possible on your own, while a damaged engine needs the experience of a professional.

If you are not yet sure what the problem is, start by consulting with a specialist. Try to find an appliance repair company that is willing to diagnose the problem. You may have to pay to have them come and see your car. Avoid the huge same-day, weekend, or after-hours fees by asking while you have them on line and see if you can do the repairs yourself.

Figuring out the problem can often help you decide whether you need to make minor repairs or replace the entire machine.

  • Repairs: You can fix a few inexpensive problems yourself, including machine belt, water valve, pulley, and seal replacements. Replacing a pump or motor usually requires the help of a professional, but can save you the trouble of replacing the entire machine.
  • Replace: It is also often easier to replace a non-working washing machine, as machine repairs can be expensive.


How much does a washing machine repair cost?

After you ask an expert over the phone or have a technician come to your home to inspect your washing machine, the technician will have a better idea of ​​how much the repair will cost.

  • Repairs If repairs cost less than 50% of the cost of a new appliance, and your machine still has a few years to live, a quick fix may be a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire washing machine. A valid warranty can justify any repair.
  • Replace: If a defective part is costing more than 50% of the cost of a new washing machine, it’s probably time to say goodbye to appliances.

How long will the washing machine last?

It is a common question that we appliance repair technicians get. And unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Just like with any other product in your home, how long it lasts depends on a variety of factors and proper maintenance. Every large device has an average life expectancy – and if it gets close to that expiration date, your machine doesn’t have much time left.

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