Red Area Rugs and How They Can Liven Up Your Decor

If you are tired of your ordinary floor coverings, consider a change in color with a new red area rug. The vibrant color is an excellent accent that can be used both as an emphasis or a subtle hint of color. Red area rugs look particularly striking on the floor of a modern space. They can add drama to a dining room or high-rise apartment. You can find a wide variety of red area rugs on the web.

Inspired by tribal designs, these area rugs come in a striking red background and include accents in bright and vivid colors. Made in Egypt of 100% polypropylene, these rugs feature a low profile and are weather and fade resistant. Their durable construction makes them ideal for high traffic areas. For added protection against moisture, they are made with UV stabilized fibers to resist fading. Choosing the right rug is important for its durability and the style of the room.

Dark-colored red rugs hide dirt better than lighter-colored ones, making them an excellent option for high-traffic rooms. Consider how the rug will be used as well as the level of mess and moisture it can handle. If the room is regularly used, it may be better to opt for a darker shade of red. Moreover, red area rugs are also available in outdoor variants. This way, you can extend the look of the room to the outdoors.

Red area rugs are a good accent color all year-round. Whether they are paired with deep brown or neutral colors, red area rugs can create a dramatic focal point. Traditional red rugs can lend a classic look to any room. On the other hand, burgundy rugs complement bohemian decor. This color is available in various shades and sizes. And the versatility of red area rugs is boundless!

The size and shape of a red rug can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the room. In a dining room, the rugs should fit all four legs of the table and extend at least one foot over the bed. Similarly, a red rug can be paired with a large neutral mat. Besides, a bold red rug can lighten a neutral room. And if you want to keep the space simple, a larger red area rug can top it off.

As for the color, red area rugs can match other colors in the room. For example, if your room is predominantly brown or orange, a red rug can be the perfect complement to these colors. A red rug can also serve as a pop of color in a room that is otherwise monochromatic. Whether you choose a contemporary red rug or a classic red rug, it can add a splash of color.

In addition to a vibrant red color, red area rugs can create a dramatic feel. Bright red area rugs and gold area rugs are sure to enliven a room. They can also add warmth and romance to the room. Red area rugs come in a variety of materials. Natural rugs are usually made of fibers and are woven into soft fabrics. Synthetic rugs, on the other hand, tend to be less soft and are easier to clean.

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