Recruiting Top Talent for Retention

Recruiting Top Talent for Retention

Enjoy a conversation about Recruiting Top Talent for Retention by one of the nation’s top recruiters and two high-level exit strategists. Learn about growing and scaling a business for long-term success.

Are you searching for dedicated long-term team members?

Join us on the latest episode of MFG eCommerce Success, where we explore the expertise of Kelly Robinson , Principal at PKRecruiting , as she delves into the art of recruiting top talent for long-lasting success.

Kelly boasts over two decades of experience in talent acquisition, renowned for her proficiency in identifying, attracting, and onboarding exceptional talent. Her track record of assisting companies in meeting their recruitment objectives speaks to her prowess. Committed to providing clients with top-notch service, Kelly is genuinely passionate about helping companies secure the best talent.

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Kelly’s illustrious career includes collaborations with Fortune 500 firms, and she holds the distinction of being a Certified Talent Acquisition Professional (CTAP) while also being a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Podcast on recruiting top talent

Damon and Curt kick off this live stream with infectious enthusiasm. Curt lightens the mood by mentioning his freshly groomed dog and playfully comments on Kelly Robinson’s pleasant scent. As the conversation becomes more personal, Curt asks Kelly about her childhood hero.

Kelly reveals that her lifelong hero has been her father, Frankie Robinson. She shares a heartwarming anecdote about her father’s journey from a mail clerk to the Director of Facility Services over four decades, all while actively participating in his children’s lives by coaching their sports teams and attending their events.

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Curt invites Kelly to recount her professional journey and what drives her to help others succeed.

Kelly’s career in recruiting can be traced back to her father’s guidance. She recalls a pivotal moment after high school when her parents encouraged her to explore options. Her strong work ethic and thirst for excitement led her to a temporary assistant recruiter position at Kelly Services, initially suggested by her father. Kelly’s proactive thank-you email after her interview showcased her forward-thinking mindset, even in the early days of email communication. She landed the job and transitioned to a full-fledged recruiter within three months. Reflecting on her path, Kelly emphasizes that recruiting chose her as much as she chose it.

Damon highlights the rarity of Kelly’s clear career direction from an early stage, acknowledging that many people embark on a winding journey before discovering their true calling.

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Curt invites Kelly to delve into her two-decade-long recruiting career, navigating through significant economic events such as 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, Kelly reflects on her nearly 50-year journey in recruiting, which began when she was just 22. She launched her career in a commission-driven contingency role, specializing in high-level IT contractors. In her early days, she was driven by goals and focused exclusively on her job, striving to excel as a top recruiter. Kelly aimed to achieve recognition, symbolized by ringing a bell in her office for noteworthy achievements.

Furthermore, Kelly discusses the evolution of technology in her field, reminiscing about the days of faxed resumes and hand-delivered documents, in stark contrast to today’s digital landscape. The late 1990s marked the emergence of email and pioneering job boards like Job Circle and CareerBuilder, shaping the modern digital workspace.

During times of market turbulence, Kelly honed her recruiting skills, witnessing technology’s transformation from clunky laptops to streamlined mobile work solutions. Her journey culminated in her current role, with an eye on the potential of AI, including her appreciation for ChatGPT.

In addressing Curt’s question, Kelly reflects on the factors that led her to start her own business. She had always considered entrepreneurship as an option, having gained valuable experience at a small company for 13 years, where her responsibilities grew over time. Despite her inclination, the decisive push came unexpectedly when she was let go. This turn of events made her realize it was the right time to take the leap.

Curt commends Kelly’s inspiring journey and playfully asks if she’s ready, hinting at upcoming content and mentioning intriguing audience questions from Dan Bigger.

Simultaneously, Curt engages Kelly in a playful query about her secret to driving positive changes and influencing others profoundly.

Discussing her recent efforts to build a robust prospecting engine, Kelly notes the traditional slowdown during the summer, a trend accentuated by COVID. Kelly shares that when reaching out to professionals, particularly executives and HR personnel, she’s encountered a higher response rate from those actively seeking new job opportunities.

Discussing the current job market

However, Kelly discusses the uncertainty of the current job market and hiring trends. She reflects on the hiring spree during the pandemic and notes that overcompensation became an issue, necessitating subsequent adjustments as revenue margins were affected.

In the same vein, Kelly shares her experiences, highlighting her valuable relationships with long-term clients who continue to rely on her services. She anticipates that it may take until the end of the year to gain a clearer understanding of the post-pandemic hiring landscape. Kelly identifies challenges in healthcare recruitment that significantly impact current practices.

Curt introduces the topic of remote work and its future.

Talking about remote work and the future

Kelly remarks on the evolving perspective regarding remote work. She recalls how, during the peak of the pandemic, remote work was extensively discussed and considered a significant trend for the future. She provides an example of Comcast, a major employer in her region, which recently revised its stance on remote work.

Simultaneously, Kelly predicts that, in the next year or two, more individuals might return to office settings due to certain aspects of work that are missing when working remotely, especially if remote work strategies aren’t effectively implemented.

Damon discusses the shift to hybrid work models, aligning with Kelly’s observations on the challenges of assessing the suitability of remote work on an individual basis.

Curt mentions a question from Dan Bigger about recruiters conducting oral interviews but not providing feedback. He seeks Kelly’s perspective on this issue.

Kelly believes that some recruiters conduct oral interviews without offering feedback, possibly due to an incentive structure that prioritizes placements over building relationships. She emphasizes transparency in her company and encourages her team to provide honest feedback, ensuring a good match for candidates.

Curt asks the thought-provoking question, “Why is it so hard to give beginners a chance?” Kelly believes it depends on the job seeker’s ability to make a compelling impression on the recruiter. She shares the story of her sister, who applied for a job with limited experience in that field. Despite initial doubts from other executives, the CEO, who happened to be Kelly’s client at the time, decided to meet her. In just five minutes, he recognized her potential based on her skills, attitude, and resourcefulness.

Curt inquires about successful recruiting and retention strategies, asking Kelly to share her observations about companies that excel in recruiting and the tactics they employ.

Kelly underscores that successful recruiting and retention demand an open-minded approach and a focus on making a positive impact. She concurs with Dan’s observation that an effective hiring process is critical. She also highlights the value of collaborating with experts and leveraging their tools, management, and training to enhance recruitment.

Curt prompts Kelly to share her insights on retention strategies for entrepreneurs and manufacturers, emphasizing her strong advocacy for acquiring top-tier talent.

Kelly asserts that effective retention starts with the recruitment process. She underscores the collaborative nature of recruiting and onboarding

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