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Power Up Your Networking Skills


Power Up Your Networking Skills

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By Ira Bowman Need some pointers on how to improve your networking game?  In business, little is more important than the ability to meet new people and network with your connections.  The modern business battlefield is ever-changing.  Stay ahead of the game by reading and incorporating the following strategies into your online and in-person networking playbook.

Online Tips:

1)   Be professional and keep your comments polite.  Many can see what you write and might not understand passive aggressiveness or sarcasm.  You can benefit by playing it safe and avoiding unnecessary drama. 2)   Check-in daily and engage with your audience.  The more they see you, the more likely your efforts will pay off. 3)   Support others and they’ll support you. Like, comment and share other people’s posts. 4)   Befriend people with larger networks who can mentor and support your efforts.  They can become your champion and help you skyrocket to new heights. 5)   Joining groups of like-minded professionals such as #SPN and #ProjectHelpYouGrow will help you form win-win relationships and accelerate your overall growth rate.

In-Person Networking Tips:

1)   Ask questions and listen to the answers.  When they stop talking, ask another question.  The person who asks the most questions and listens to the most answers wins. 2)   Smile. Your body language is important and that starts with showing on your face that you are friendly and interested in meeting new people. 3)   Only give your business card out when someone asks for it.  It’s not a race to hand out business cards, it’s an opportunity to make new friends. 4)    You can answer phone/emails/texts after the event is over.  Silence your phone and put it away. 5)   You’re not too cool to wear the name tag, so put it on and deal with it.

Powering Up

Remember we’re networking to meet new people and make new friendships.  The goal isn’t to make a sales pitch or to land a new deal.  Also, keep in mind that everyone at a networking event knows there at a networking event, so they too are there auspiciously to make new connections.  You don’t have to be nervous when you follow the tips above.  Show people, you are somewhat normal, that you’re not selfish and that you are open to new friendships.  In today’s world, real friends are hard to come by. So be friendly, engage and watch how well your networking works for you.  People who like you are far more likely to want to do business with you.  Even when that’s not possible, they’re also more likely to send you referrals.  I’d take a referral over a cold call any day of the week.

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