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Myths About Start A Small Business

Common Myths About Starting Your Own Small business

SOCIAL MEDIA IS PEPPERED WITH SMALL BUSINESS MYTHS, FOSTERED MOSTLY BY PEOPLE WITHOUT RELEVANT REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE… By Phil Friedman I’ve spent most of my adult working life as an independent small business owner and consultant. Although I haven’t become rich

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Be Willing To Learn.

Stay Humble In The Spotlight

In my training days, every so often, people would come into the gym with an ego and talk mad smack about what they were going to do to everyone in the gym. They would challenge the master. Some of them

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Positive Mindset Daily

Don’t Be Afraid To Learn A Lesson

Don’t be afraid to learn a lesson no matter how old you are. And make sure to remember the lessons you learn along the way. If you’re constantly pushing to improve yourself and provide the best life for you and

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Returning Hate With Hate

10 Tips For Social Media Or Life

10 Tips For Social Media Or Life…Let’s talk about it… Treat all people like you want to be treated. Give the grace you hope to receive. Never trade your integrity for anything, especially followers or fake friends. Be kind even

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John White Montano

Blue Water Marketing

We’re the missing piece in a company’s marketing organization; not just a vendor or agency partner, but a part of the team. We only work with the most ambitious marketing experts and data wonks who see our clients’ goals and

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Alpha Care

Alpha Care Supply

Alpha Care Supply is Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Staten Island, and the Bronx’s premier accessibility solutions provider specializing in stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, residential elevators, wheelchair ramps, and home improvements to make your life easier. Unlike most other service

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Simibridaldresses offers multiple collections of Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses with different- different colors and sizes according to your choice. Choose here the latest collections under budget.

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Right Training Courses

Right Training Courses

Right Training Courses is one of the leading online platforms where you can find Australia’s best vocational courses and colleges. Whether it’s an online or in-class course you’re looking for, we as an education consultant can help you in choosing

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design maze

Our goal is to help you connect with your clients better and engage them more effectively. Our years of experience in this field allows us to make this possible. with our help, you can deliver your message uniquely and effectively.

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Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

Previous Next The Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot takes the classic slingshot to the next level. Everyone knows the original slingshot’s stretchy pouch fires steel slugs, marbles, .4 cal paintballs, and airsoft ammo. The Pocket Shot Pro Arrow is different

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WOW-SOUND Floating Speaker

CHECK IT OUT The WOW-SOUND speaker is floatable, waterproof, and shaped to fit in a cup holder. This speaker has omnidirectional hi-fi sound and it also has 50 plus hours of battery life. The WOW-SOUND speaker is also as durable

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Vornado Glide Vortex Heater

Vornado Glide Vortex Room Heater

Previous Next The Vornado Glide Vortex Room Heater is awesome due to the way it can heat the whole room while staying cool to the touch. It also has a really sleek modern look so your friends will know you’re

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