Organic Reach on Social Media is Alive and Well

Organic Reach on Social Media is Alive and Well

Respectfully, Neil Patel is wrong!

What do I mean?

In an email I received from Neil Patel earlier today, he said that organic reach on social media is “nearly” dead and that frankly isn’t true. If you’re on his email list, you know what I’m talking about. I read his email today, confused at how he’s missed the mark so much on this topic. There’s still plenty of organic reach available on social media if you learn to use social media in a win-win networking fashion.

How exactly?

Three Ways to Increase Organic Reach

  1. Form and participate as a team
  2. Give time and attention to others
  3. Write algorithm friendly content

It is a simple formula that requires a team mindset. Social media is not a solo sport. You should not expect people to make comments on your posts, share your content or even give you a like if you are not engaging with them, paying it forward and treating people like human beings instead of looking at them as your royal subjects who are only here to buy whatever you are selling.

I get engagement everyday across social media on my page and 40 other business pages that I manage for a very simple reason, we do more than make a post and walk away. We build a relationship with our audience, we post more than just commercials, we respond to comments and we build content in algorithm friendly ways.


Reap What You Sow!

Look, Neil Patel is way smarter than I am. In this case however, perhaps he should listen to me as I’m recommending all of you do. Get more reach by treating people like you want to be treated, put in some effort supporting others and remember this top of mind arena we play in requires you to show up on a regular basis.

I say, “you reap what you sow” and that’s still true with organic reach on social media. Plant organically and you’ll reap it.

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  1. There’s still plenty of organic reach out there. Word of mouth referrals are growing, in my experience, as we are becoming less trusting of ads and marketers and what’s posted online. We trust our friends, family, and connections more. What’s more organic than that?

    I agree with you. I think Neil got this one wrong.