No More Pain from Root Canals

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Although they have a poor reputation, root canals can actually save both the tooth and your extreme tooth pain. Many people worry that the dentist or endodontist may inflict excruciating pain when they consider root canal therapy. That is not the case, though! In actuality, root canals do not hurt and aid in relieving tooth pain.


I need a root canal—why?

To get rid of bacteria and affected tissue from a tooth’s infected root, root canal therapy is required. Root canal therapy can help save the natural tooth by preventing reinfection. A root canal may be the solution if any of the following symptoms apply to you:

  • Severe discomfort when biting or chewing
  • Any type of tooth damage, like a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Persistence of heat or cold sensitivity even after the experience has passed
  • Mouth ache that is throbbing or aching all the time
  • Enlarged or sensitive gums
  • Deep tooth decay or gum discoloration
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What takes place throughout a root canal?

Modern root canals are not painful and are fairly similar to getting a regular dental filling. Your tooth’s agony is frequently more painful than the treatment itself. Given the right anaesthetic, the process is completely painless. You will be pain-free and on the road to recovery following treatment.

In order to begin, your dentist or endodontist will numb the area. The tooth’s irritated or infected nerve is subsequently removed. To stop re-infection, the space is subsequently filled with material and sealed. To restore the tooth’s complete form and function after treatment, you’ll probably need to have a crown put on it.


Run, don’t walk

Don’t let your fear of the dentist or root canals keep you from becoming pain-free. The more you wait, the more pain you’ll feel, and if you don’t get treatment, the tooth can fall out. Additionally, doing so increases and exacerbates infection risk. Our endodontists and dentists at Ridgetop Dental are skilled and eager to relieve your suffering. You should make an appointment right away if you are having tooth pain.

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